Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Party: Friends, Babies & Booze

I love love love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the decorations and the food but most of all I love to dress up. Every single year my mother or I have made my own costume or at least a good portion of it. I have been so many fun things in previous years. And often I start planning months in advance. I wanted to make my own costume this year. I wanted to make My Little Crickets first Halloween costume. It would have been a special moment and a special memory. However I am forcing myself to get better at setting limits, I probably could have made the costumes myself but then I find that I stress myself out. So in appreciation of how busy I have been and how tired I am with a new baby in the house I decided to just buy our costumes this year off the internet. I know GASP.

I kept changing my idea of what I wanted our little family to go as. Because of course we all had to dress up in a theme. I might be sacrificing homemade costumes but I haven’t completely lost my mind. In the end I decided on us going as a little pirate family with my Little Cricket going as the parrot. I love birds so this was a win win situation for us.


Since my Little Cricket is too young to go out trick or treating, and since I wanted something fun for a family to do for Halloween I decided to host a party with all our old friends and all my new mommy friends. In the end I decided to invite two of the four mom groups I am still a part of, mostly because with just two groups I still had 12 families over, which meant a bunch of little babies. The other two mom groups I haven’t really become a part of yet. I don’t see them as often so it is just taking us longer to connect. We may make the Halloween party an annual tradition. Next year I am sure even more babies will fill the house, perhaps even another of our own. No I am not pregnant yet!




At one point I think we had 10 babies at one time rolling around on the floor. It was chaos but it was the most beautiful magical thing in the world. Plus babies in costumes are just the most adorable thing in the entire world. Cute overload for sure!



While all the babies and parents hung out in the family room my childless friends took over the kitchen, mostly because that was where the food and drinks were. My cousin, Ms. Sweetie, had the best costume hands down. She went as Medusa and she made her entire costume by hand. The craziest part was that she painted the back of her eyes as snake eyes. It was so creepy. But everyone did a great job with their costumes. I especially loved how Mrs. Dancer looked in her all leather outfit as The Black Widow and my brother-in-law, Mr. Fruits costume as the guy from Breaking Bad.






The party went really well, but that was mostly due to the fact that Mrs. Dancer acted as a co-hostess. Mr. Rogue really wasn’t in the mood to BBQ, he spends so much time cooking sometimes that he doesn’t get to relax and have fun. So Mrs. Dancer and I created a non-bbq menu. She came over early this morning to tackle all the food preparations. We made monster sandwiches and mini mummy pigs in a blanket. There was a spider web nacho dip, little mini pumpkin pies, Halloween cupcakes, candied pecans, a veggies dip, Italian pasta salad and chocolate covered sprinkled Halloween pretzels. We had enough time to make everything we wanted except the bones (little breadsticks shaped like bones and dipped in marinara sauce).



Everyone loved all the food, and Mrs. Dancer and I had so much fun coming up with all the cute food ideas. I didn’t really know how hard it was going to be to juggle the baby and throwing a party. So grateful for her in my life.

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