Tuesday, October 22, 2013


You know when you are so exhausted, you know like lets say traveling a bunch with a little baby exhausted, and you get home and exhale a large sigh of relief because now you can relax… but then you decide in a random not really thinking way that it would be fun to throw a large Halloween party, because you love Halloween and no one else was throwing one and you have a baby and you want to do something, but you don’t really think about the LOGISTICS and the work and effort it takes to throw said party. So yea, I am throwing a Halloween party, and I will reach down into the itty bitty bottom of my reserves of energy to do it. Camels carry excess water in their humps to use when in the desert, much like I have been storing up sleep my entire life for JUST THIS MOMENT.

So the party is in three days. Mrs. Dancer is helping and we have decided on the food. So when Mr. Rogue got home from work I put my Little Cricket to bed and went shopping solo. As in I got to go to the store alone, and the freedom I felt from not being tethered by all that stuff while I went shopping was euphoric. Because I was sans baby I decided to do all my shopping in one night. I first went to Party City for paper supplies. The line was longer than the rides at Disney land. If I didn’t have a full cart smashed full of stuff and if I hadn’t spent a full 30 minutes deciding what napkins I wanted to match the plates I got I would have walked out. But I needed those napkins.

After getting out of the time sucking store of my life I visited the new Michaels right around the corner of my house. AHHHHH I love when stores that I love move into the hood. Michaels was astonishingly sans large crowds, I thought it was odd with Halloween just around the corner… but then I found out why the store was so empty. Their Halloween section sucked. I could have fit it into my back pocket it was so sparse. There were only a few broke back knick knacks that were 90% off. WHAT was the store filled with if not Halloween decorations… IT WAS FILLED WITH ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

It is the middle of October. Not even Halloween yet and I am floored at the amount of green and red glitter I see. I felt like running through the aisles smashing things until a manager came so I can point to a calendar and ask him if Michaels knows what month it is. I love the holidays, I love all of them, Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas hold a very special place in my little kid loving heart. But what I do NOT love is the commercialism crap that changes these three distinct holidays into one; Hallgivmas.

Anyways I circled the broke back tiny little corner of Halloween decorations that they did have. I specifically came for a wreath, and I didn’t have the time or the energy to drive to another store so I did what any crafty girl would do I was going to get a bunch of random stuff and mash it all together to make my own wreath. In the end I got some plain stick wreaths (50% off score!), this hideous Halloween log thing with two pretty cute ribbons on it that I planned to tear off (75% off double-score), two springs of fuchsia sparkliness in the Christmas section, and a big canister of fall colored potpourri.

BOOM Micheals… I beat you and I win!


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