Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Down with Daylight Savings: Drastic Times Deserve Drastic Measures

Daylight savings is a total pain in the ass when you have a baby. I used to love it, I used to love the extra time for sleep. But with a baby the sun now rises at a completely inappropriate time. And because the sun rises, my baby rises that much EARLIER. The nursery gets hit with the first morning rays and by 5:00 AM he is all bright and chipper.

I have black out curtains hung in the nursery and they do well with blocking out some of the light, but light still pours through the pretty large gaps at the top and all around the sides of the curtains. That light, it needs to be stopped.


So this morning, bright and early because I was up, I grabbed some black trash bags, duct tape and a pair of scissors. Then I preceded to ghetto superstar my windows. Yup I taped up black trash bags to block out every single little sliver of sun. Now the room is a very dark cave of blackness. And you know what, I don’t care how it looks, because my baby slept a full eight hour stretch. EIGHT WHOLE HOURS. And then he woke up at his normal 8:00 AM. Eight is plenty early enough for this mama to be getting out of bed.


The blackout wasn’t just for my benefit. With a 5:00 AM wake up time my Little Cricket was ready for bed at around 6:30. Mr. Rogue doesn’t get home from work until 7:15 at the earliest… sometimes not until 8:00. By putting up the trash bags I and getting my Little Cricket back on his normal schedule he goes to bed at 8-8:30 which gives him a little time to have some cuddles with his daddy before bed.

Soon I will have to come up with a more elegant idea than using trash bags. For now it is working.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Amazing what a black garbage bag and a little tape can accomplish. Whala!

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