Sunday, November 3, 2013

Determined to Fill Our 20 Hours with Fun

Mrs. Dancer and Mrs. Pool Shark arrived at my house at 2:00. They had both stayed at the bachelorette party last night and stayed overnight including brunch this morning. Sadly Mrs. Pool Shark is leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow morning so I only get her for 20 hours. I totally understand, she has a little girl at home waiting for her, still I wish I could have her for much much longer. Six months would do the trick I think. Rather than cry about it (which I did quite a bit of whining earlier) we decided to live up our 20 hours. First things first a little cuddle time with my adorable Little Cricket.

It was so cute seeing them meet. She smiled and waited, animation and happiness written across her face and when he smiled back a moment was shared. And then she whopped with joy, scared him a bit and he cried. Ahhh life, laughter and tears. Don’t worry he adored her, right down to her little toes, just like I do.


We sat in the family room and chatted trying to figure out what we wanted to do. I thought about doing something fun and then once my Little Cricket was ready for bed put him down to sleep. Once he was sleeping I figured we could head out to a nice dinner somewhere nearby. But then I remembered that I have wanted to see the new Griffith Observatory, I remembered the amazing views it was supposed to have, I remembered Mrs. Pool Sharks love of all things stars and views and I knew it was going to be a perfect adventure. Only problem was that I wasn’t allowed to take a baby into the planetarium, one of the coolest parts of the observatory. After a little internal debate I asked Mr. Rogue if he would mind once again me taking off. Of course he was fabulous about it and agreed. So Mrs. Pool Shark and I headed out for a night of fun.



We arrived just when the sun was about to start setting. Although the hike up the hill from the parking area was a little more than we thought we were getting ourselves into the views were INCREDIBLE. You could see the whole Los Angeles valley. All those in LALA land spread out as far as my eye could see. Los Angeles is such a large sprawling city. Because of our earth quakes we build out not up. We stayed on the terrace until the sun sank below the horizon. It was magical.



Afterwards we got into line for the planetarium. To say we were super excited would be a vast understatement. I had heard that the show was amazing, spectacular even, but I wasn’t prepared for how awe inspiring it was. The show was run by an actress who talked us across history, across the sky, across the galaxies and theories. At the end I grabbed a quick photo of the smart computer light that showcased the sky across the ceiling of the planetarium. Mr. Rogue would love one of these in our home.




Once the show was over we enjoyed the city lights view. The valley was glowing with light. You cannot see very many stars at all in LALA land. The light pollution from so many people is just too great. I love driving out to the desert a few hours outside of LA to see the stars. At least we got a good show of stars in the planetarium.



Sadly the museum part of the observatory was jam packed and we were starving. Not exactly the best recipe for success. Instead of banging our head against a brick wall and attempting to muscle through our food crabbiness we decided to leave and find somewhere fantastic to eat. We could always come back another time for the museum.


We wanted to continue our tradition of eating at a fabulous restaurant with a view of the city. We have done this in several major cities but I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head. Google was being confusing about the best places to go and we didn’t have a ton of time for research so instead I called the Hilton and talked to their concierge. She recommended two restaurants as her favorite for food and a view. The first Yamashiro, just north of Hollywood and close to where we were, wasn’t in a tall building but actually on the hills the same as the observatory. Since the views would have been similar to what we had just seen we decided to go with option number two. Our second choice was Perch, a great little place that was downtown with good view of the city.

Of course getting there with LALA land traffic took time. Finding the restaurant downtown took time and then we both realized that neither of us had any cash for parking so we spent even more time looking for an ATM. We were hungry, we were frustrated and getting even more so as I drove around in circles looking for parking. Finally Mrs. Pool Shark spotted it, a perfect parking spot RIGHT in front of the restaurant doors. (no there wasn’t any valet… gasp@!) I was a little questionable about how legal the spot was, there was a confusing sign posted, but I was too hungry to care. Rockstar parking SCORE!



We got there and found out that all the outdoor seating, the seating with the great views, were of course all full. I had only after all made our reservations fourty five minutes before. We were sad sitting inside at our little table with no view. We weren’t happy. So I went up and asked if there was PLEASE any way we could wait for a table outside. An hour wait at the minimum was not the answer I wanted to hear. So we sat at our little table and debated. Do we have a drink and an appetizer and try somewhere else. Do we just suck it up and deal with our unappetizing table. The menu wasn’t looking all the fabulous lip smackingness that we wanted either. All around frowns were being thrown. We sent the waitress away again still trying to make a decision; do we stay, do we go. And then the hostess came back, she could move us if we still wanted, and we got an awesome table right by the window with an amazing view. SCORE number two!!!!!

Things were looking up. We had a fabulous waitress that allowed us to try a few samples of wine and we found one we both loved. Once the bottle got to our table our smiles got bigger. THIS was more like it.




All around us swirled the twinkling lights of Los Angeles, a fantastic live band was playing, we ordered our food and then settled back to be entranced. We managed to have a two and a half hour meal that felt like minutes. Time with Mrs. Pool Shark goes by so quickly and the range of subjects is broad. We often joke that we should tape our conversations. We both ordered the Filet Mignon with Grilled Asparagus, Rosemary New Potatoes and Béarnaise Sauce. Mrs. Pool Shark opted for the Truffle fries which were OUT OF THIS WORLD and we split a Wild Mushroom Risotto. An after dinner drink, some Orange Crème Brule for me and a chocolate masterpiece for Mrs. Pool Shark ended our meal. We could have talked all night. Reality crept back in. Time to go home. Our evening of magic was over for tonight. I love this girl.




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paul peggy zeus said...

I Love Planetariums! Do you remember going to Cranbrook University in Michigan? I used to love to take you kids there with it's beautiful waterfalls, art museum, science museum and observatory? One time we went with Uncle Don. Awesome place. We'll have to go to Griffith Observatory next time I'm in town.

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