Monday, November 4, 2013

Brunch & Tearful Bye Bye’s

This morning Ms. Pool Shark and I woke up early. After all with limited time together every minute counted. Mrs. Dancer came over and we lazed around while getting ready to go out. At one point the three of us used to live together, I felt transported 14 years ago. Of course instead of talking about boyfriends we are talking about husbands, instead of talking about tests or papers due we were talking about babies, and instead of strapping on high heels we were sliding into flats. This morning we all reveled in the journey. How we have all grown, how we have all struggled and how happy we all are with our own versions of fulfilling our dreams. And then Ms. Pool Shark gave my baby a book and proceeded to give a very animated reading of the Piggy’s Dance Party. It is such an amazing feeling to see the people I love interact with my child. I love the bond that I share with these women. It is so special to have known a friend for decades. That kind of love I have found is so rare!


We didn’t have much time, only about two hours before Ms. Pool Shark had to get to the airport. We didn’t make it to the store I wanted to go to but we did make it out to a fabulous brunch. I love finding new amazing places and this place was AH-MAZ-ING. I ordered the buckwheat crepes, totally obsessed with them right now, and the zucchini has browns which were so super yummy. I may need to figure out how to recreate these at home they were that good! But the best part about brunch was Mrs. Dancers Goat Cheese and Honeyed Dates appetizer, which she oh so generously shared. It was the best brunch I have had in a very long time… I may just need to figure out how to recreate the date bread as well.


We bid a tearful farewell to Mrs. Pool Shark. It really sucks that we are both stay at home moms but that we are so far away. We both make the effort to see each other often, we try at least for once a year. However it isn’t the same as living down the street from each other, or even across the hall. One day we vow to live ‘close’ to each other, at the very least at least driving distance to each other. For now we just grudgingly accept that are addresses are on opposite sides of the United States.

After Mrs. Dancer and I dropped off Ms. Pool Shark at the airport we headed over to the store I had wanted to go to. Peek, which was just introduced to me a few weeks ago, has become my all-time favorite baby clothing store. Too bad the clothes are so expensive. Still it makes the perfect place to pick up unique kids gifts and that was my goal today. I got two books and two shirts all as gifts for the little kids in my life…. Ok ok and I picked up something on the sale rack for my Little Cricket… only because there was no way I could help myself.


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paul peggy zeus said...

You do have some amazing friends. People who have been by your side for life. LOVE these women!

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