Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And Now I am Talking About Poop

Yup who would have knew a few years ago that I would be so obsessed with poop and yet here I am talking about it with other moms, calling my pediatrician about it, and now even saving it in a little baggie for analysis. My life, it is oh so glamorous.

My Little Cricket has had green poop for six days now. Not kinda green, not light green, but nuclear power plant florescent green. And see not only can I talk about poop I am infinitely obsessed with finding the exact color descriptors. Anyways my pediatrician says that because it has been days to come in just so she can take a peek. My Little Cricket doesn’t have a fever and he seems to be acting his normal happy self but just in case we went in.

So I had a 15 minute conversation with my Pediatrician about poop and then another 15 minute conversation about allergies and sensitivities. You see I am allergic to dairy and I totally didn’t know that you can pass your allergies onto your kids. Mommy fail!

I didn’t get my dairy allergy until my mid-twenties and in fact I didn’t even know it was an allergy. I just assumed over time I developed lactose intolerance but years later I got tested. I am for the most part dairy free. I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat yogurt, and the only reason I can say mostly dairy free is because I refuse to give up cheese. Occasionally I will have a few ounces of cheese, a slice or two of pizza or a small ice cream. I know my limits and I stick with small amounts that doesn’t cause me any problems. My Little Cricket’s system may not be handling these small amounts as well as me.

This could in fact explain his severe reaction to the formula I fed him a week or so ago as well. So I am cutting way back on the dairy and I am hoping the green poo will go away. For now my pediatrician says as long as it’s not white, black or red that we are in the clear.

And now my poop talk is over, but I will continue obsessing about it until my Little Cricket is back to normal.

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