Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Little Photoshoot

One of my new friends in my mom group has a little girl that is turning one this week. Since I take so many photos all the time my love for photography inevitably comes up. When I found out that she wanted a specific photo for her number one birthday I offered to try and recreate it for her. It looked like fun, a tutu, some balloons and the beach.


So we made a date and met on the beach near sunset. Carting out my Little Cricket’s stroller onto the sand was less than fun. But he was super good the entire time we took pictures so I cannot complain. Seriously I have the best baby ever!


My friend brought balloons, the tutu and we tried to get everything set up just perfect. She even brought her reflector and we had a ton of fun bouncing the light off of it to help with the backlit shots. I spent the next half hour taking photos of the most adorable little cherub, getting her to smile and laugh was her moms job. Taking photos of kids is more challenging than anything else. They move fast, they don’t sit still ever and it is very difficult to get them to smile at just the right time. In the end we got several photos that we loved.






And then since we had a few extra minutes before the sun went down I snapped a few of the whole little family. It was a great day!


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