Monday, October 28, 2013

A Cricket in a Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch with the baby and get some photos. Easier said than done for sure. It would have been nice to go out of town to an actual farm with a real pumpkin patch but the effort of that endeavor was beyond me. Maybe once the baby is older and can enjoy the fun tractor rides and the petting zoo and the carnival like atmosphere. All those people out in the country where I want to get away from people didn’t sound appealing either. So instead I trolled around on the internet and called a bunch of places and found a little pumpkin fair in Beverly Hills called ‘Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch’.


Mrs. Dancer came with me because it is so much easier to get good photos with a sidekick helping with the baby and because we were going to the mall and shopping after. She is always up for being a sidekick, food and shopping. Love her to pieces.

We went a little earlier before noon, before the kids got out of school, before mayhem broke out. Other than a few other people we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Which was AWESOME. Trying to take photos of a baby is hard enough without a ton of screaming children in behind me distracting my Little Cricket.



The Pumpkin Patch was exactly what I was looking for. They had hay all over the parking lot and pumpkins laid out for purchase in neat little rows. They also had several slides and carving contest booths which would be super fun with an older child. But most importantly they had several bales of hay and pumpkins strewn about perfect for photo opportunities. This whole process would have been so much easier if he could sit up, alas we had to come up with option B, prop kid up with pumpkins.






We were there an hour. An hour in the sun. I was too hot in my sweater and boots but I just couldn’t stop until I had the shots I wanted. We crawled and stooped and sat and made funny faces and clicked that camera a hundred times. When we started packing up I noticed HOW MUCH HAY I had accumulated all over me. In my long hair (which Mrs. Dancer picked out for me), tangled into the fine fibers of my sweater (impossible to get completely out), and stuck like glue on my suede boots. I never knew suede had such a loving relationship with hay.


It was worth it. Photography takes so much time and dedication and creativity and effort. But I love it. I really really love it!


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