Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Bride, Some Fabulous Girls, A Limo, Temecula, Some Champagne, Lots of Wine and As Always Fabulous Fun

I had such a hard time deciding to go to a Bachelorette party today. Before I was a mother I cavalierly spoke about hiring a nanny a day or two a week so I could still have me time. I was worried that although I wanted to be a mother that I wouldn’t have time for the things that I liked to do. Ahhh the things we say we will do. Naivety at its finest.

Once my Little Cricket came I don’t want to leave him. Sure I will go out for an hour but that will usually be right around the corner to the grocery store or out to lunch with a friend. Mr. Rogue would hangs out at home with the baby and I knew if anything happened I would be close-by. However the alone time I thought I would crave pre-baby isn’t there. I really have no desire for more alone time. I love being with my baby boy and being away from him makes me anxious. So when it came to this bachelorette party, wine tasting in Temecula, something I love to do, I was torn. I wanted to go. Wine tasting, taking a limo, spending time with my friends sounded fabulous. But I really didn’t want to be hours away from my son.

In the end after agonizing, changing my mind again and again I finally decided to go. Worst case scenario if I really started to freak out I could always hire a cab to take me home. I got up at 7AM, and on the whole drive down to Orange County I kept chanting to myself that my Little Cricket would be fine. He was with his father, and they would have fun together. A little alone time, just the boys.

I arrived just in time with all the girls finishing getting ready. Seven of them were in the brides small condo, curling irons and makeup were flying, the house was full of chatter and laughter and like a balm to my torn soul I felt happiness wash over me. The next hour in the limo were full of antics and gossip. Champaign was flowing and with only a half a glass I started to get tipsy. My tolerance for alcohol is definitely greatly diminished.



We arrived at the first winery, Wiens, early and the private tasting room was pretty empty. This tasting allowed for eight one ounce pours; which translates to two glasses of wine, which translated to me getting quite tipsy. Thank goodness the private room had wine and cheese, it helped to stay full of food. I ended up liking several of the wines and purchased a few bottles including one for the bride that I got engraved. They are going to drink it on their wedding day.










We arrived at our second winery, South Coast, and I was off on a mission. There is nothing awesome about trying to find a place to pump in a public place. The limo didn’t have a plug. The bathroom didn’t have a plug. So I approached an older women behind the counter asking if there were offices or a bathroom upstairs that I could use. She was awesome. She took me upstairs and let me use one of the offices handicap bathrooms that had a plug. So I sat there for the next fifteen minutes and looked at photos of my little baby and texted my husband. I almost cried when I had to pour out all that milk but at least now I could go back downstairs and enjoy the party.



The girls were all halfway through their tastings and I really wasn’t up for more alcohol anyways so I just took little sips of Mrs. Dancers tastes. I knew my limits and I had pretty much had enough. South Coast Winery was PACKED and we made quite a few friends. By now the party was on, we were all laughing like there was no tomorrow. These girls are crazy fun!







Our next stop was Longshadow where we had a nice picnic lunch from a local restaurant. We were all starving, and I kind of wished I had gotten something hardier than a salad. We picnicked under the trees and once we were done we ran for the highlight of our trip, the chocolate boot. This place has a Belgium Chocolate Cowboy Boot and they fill it with liquor. Mrs. Dancer drank my liquor for me, but I was loving eating my yummy boot with just a hint of the alcohol.








We sang to the music, mostly a little drunk and out of tune, all the way home. Back at the condo were finger foods and the best dang cupcakes in the world. I stayed briefly to pump again and say my goodbyes. The girls were all going out to dinner and then dancing, I instead headed home. I had my fun but it was time to go home to my baby and my husband… if I hurried I could make it home before bedtime.





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paul peggy zeus said...

What Fun! Love the photo with you and the cork in your mouth and Ms. Dancer falling backwards, great photos!

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