Friday, September 20, 2013

The Week in Moments: Four Months Old - 18 Weeks

Ah my Little Cricket, you are growing up so quickly. I love to see your little personality coming out; you are so precious to me!

Four months old. Eighteen weeks. And all I can think in my sleep deprived joy is ‘Where has the time gone!’ We are a great team you and I. We are finding a rhythm. Sometimes we stumble but most of the time it is awesome. I have never been a particularly patient person but you have managed to bring out a side of me with an almost infinite amount of patience. You are my shining star, my new definition of joy!


This week you had your first little fever, and I had my first little freak out that you were sick. I held you in my arms all night. I simply couldn’t put you down when you weren’t feeling well. Even in sleep I wanted you to know mommy was right there. I hate to get you the vaccines, which made you sick, but not getting them and having you contract some horrible disease is even more unacceptable. This is just an aspect of life. I had to keep chanting in my head that you were going to be ok, that everything was going to be ok, that your body was just fighting off the virus and it was a good thing. And you know what you were ok. Within 24 hours your fever was gone and everything was right in the world again.




You don’t often get a bottle. Maybe a few times a week when I want to sleep in on the weekends and daddy takes over a feeding for me, or if I am out at a restaurant and give you one because it is easier than trying to find a place that is private to feed you. You have been grabbing the bottle for a few weeks now but this week you really started holding the bottle yourself. You still need a little help to keep it tilted upright sometimes but for the most part you are doing it yourself. I particularly love it when you curl your little feet out to help hold the bottle. SO CUTE!



You are officially mobile. Not as in crawling, it is too soon for that, but I can no longer put you down in a spot and expect you to stay. You scoot, shimmy and roll to other locations. You are still staying in the same vicinity but no longer just content to stay on your little blanket. Every day I turn around to you doing something you never did before. You make me smile all the time.


You track me with your eyes as I move around you. I keep up a constant string of chatter telling you what I am doing. You make me stop my mundane tasks and stop to show you things. It brings a level of play into everything I do from folding laundry to cooking dinner. You are everything I could have ever hoped. My beloved little rainbow baby. My beautiful little boy!


My only complaint is the whole night time sleeping thing. During the day you are fantastic. You take a one hour nap in the morning, a two hour nap in the middle of the day and another one hour nap in the late afternoon. You nap so well and you nap anywhere I am spoiled. I don’t have to worry about being out and about because you will just sleep. Noise doesn’t bother you, motion doesn’t bother you, and light doesn’t bother you. I LOVE it! Unfortunately you are still young and you are still waking up often at night. You will generally give me one good 3-4 hour window but then the rest of the night you are up every 2 hours. I love my sleep so this has been very difficult for me. Add in our traveling and it threw you off even more. So I didn’t sleep much at night, and neither did you. At least you are cute when you wake me up and not a hot screaming mess. Such a happy little boy!

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paul peggy zeus said...

You are so blessed not to have a colicky baby, not a whiner, nor a crabby baby. He is such a joy to be around. Love every photo! So stinkin CUTE!

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