Friday, September 27, 2013

The Week in Moments: 19 Weeks Old

Ahh this week has been a whirlwind of fun and adventure and vomit and doctors’ visits, I barely have enough time to catch my breath before we jump on a plane again tomorrow for Hawaii. I am so THANKFUL that your father will be traveling with us, because traveling alone with a baby is no joke! With the hard work aside we had such a great time in Michigan. Not only did you get to see your grandma again but you also got to meet your great grandma and it was an awesome trip.







I am so thankful that you are an easy mellow baby. You will sleep anywhere which is great because I had you sleeping in some interesting places. First you co-slept with me at my aunt’s house, and then you co-slept with me again grandmas. But when Ms. Sweetie came I had to share a bed with her, and I was afraid you would get squished between us… so I ended up putting you to sleep in the suitcase. Hey don’t judge, it worked out great!





We met with the pediatrician today because you may have some sort of milk allergy. I am allergic to milk and eggs and I wasn’t aware that I could transfer those allergies to you. Nothing is definite, we would need to do some tests and you are simply just too young. For now the doctor has told us to err on the side of caution so I will therefore be researching other hypo allergenic formula options. I don’t plan to stop breastfeeding but I liked the security that if something did happen or if I wanted to supplement a bottle here or there that I option. I wasn’t really that focused on building up a large stash in the freezer of breast milk but I am going to have to make that a priority. Now I feel a little nervous. I don’t have time to research and test out a few different brands with you now; it will have to wait until we get back from Hawaii. For now I am just glad that you are healthy and that I have plenty of milk for you.






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paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE those leggings! Such a well adjusted adorable little baby boy! I had so much fun listening to his squeaks and squeals, his constant chatter, except of course when we wanted him to. lol

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