Friday, September 13, 2013

The Week in Moments: 17 Week Old

I have never been so exhausted or so full of joy than I have in the past few months. Motherhood has tore me down to my bare essentials and then filled me up with such an awesome power. In one moment I can go from being a crying mess to feeling like super woman. Through it all you are smiling and I thank God every single day that you are such a fantastic baby. I simply do not know what I would do if you weren’t so incredibly fantastic.

I have been fighting with the old me (who could get a billion things done, who had a clean house, a to do list that was very short and a million hobbies) and the new me (unshowered, messy house, laundry sitting on my kitchen table, yes we are ordering take out again tonight, spit covered mommy). I am learning to manage my expectations but it is hard. I knew my life would be different, I have wanted this for so long, but the adjustment its going to take some getting used too. I am learning to surrender to these moments.


Your drooling has increased exponentially, as in I am now changing you 6-7 times in a day because you are DRENCHING your clothes. Can we all say a big collective EWWWWWWW. But even covered in drool I cannot help but smile and smother you with kisses. I cannot help but think that this is your way to justify my inability to manage a small wardrobe for you. If you didn’t drool so much how could we possibly wear all these clothes!

I am assuming you are starting to teeth; you have your hands in your mouth all the time, as it is starting to get difficult to get a photo of you without your hands in your mouth. At least you haven’t seemed to mind our constant photoshoots. In fact you seem to like them. I hope it stays that way. If it doesn’t don’t worry I will just bribe you to smile for the camera.




For some reason you have been incredibly difficult this week. You are taking your normal ‘doesn’t sleep much’ and adding a bunch of extra last night cuddle sessions. Which translates to you not sleeping much and me not sleeping hardly at all. All that means is that I am incredibly tired and frustrated mommy. Thank goodness I am a great napper and have simply decided that when you sleep, I sleep. Sure nothing is getting done around the house but at least we are both quazi rested. Lately I started an eat, play, sleep routine that falls in about 3-4 hour shifts. It seems to be working and just having that predictability has allowed me to manage my time better during the day.



Yesterday you finally rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time. However since I have only seen you do it once and since you keep getting stuck today you are obviously still struggling. Perhaps by next week I won’t have to rescue you 6 million times a day when you keep practicing rolling from your back to your tummy and then getting stuck. One could only hope.






In other news I have two videos to post. One in which your father is ‘playing’ with you. Torture? Maybe a little, but also super incredibly funny.

And then a little something for your Aunt, because you LOVE LOVE LOVE your owl so much!

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paul peggy zeus said...

So many cute photos! Love the video of daddy playing with baby.

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