Friday, September 6, 2013

The Week in Moments: 16 Week Old

My Little Cricket, you are a morning person. Let me be completely clear that this is something that you got from your father. I have never been, nor will I ever be a morning person. Sure I am getting up in the morning now for you however since I am being forced into it I do not fall into this category. Thankfully no matter how grumpy I am in the mornings you are a bright ray of sunshine. Your happiness is contagious and despite my exhaustion I cannot help but smile back at you and coo. After all I can always take a nap later I reason.



My heart literally stopped this week; as in stopped beating. You recently learned how to roll over onto your belly but have yet to master the skill of getting from your belly to your back. You were playing in your crib and I was only a few feet away on my computer talking on the phone. But when I didn’t hear you for a minute I poped my head into the room. You were lying on your belly with your face planted firmly into the mattress. You weren’t moving and I totally freaked out. In the end you were fine, you weren’t moving because you were sleeping, and you weren’t too happy when I jerked you off your nice comfy mattress in a panic. It was a not so pleasant reminder that anything could happen. Sure you were fine this time but the panic still is there that something is going to happen.






You are laughing more and more but I still have yet to capture it on video, mostly because I am so enraptured by you when you are laughing that I don’t think about it and then secondly because I am a photo person so I think in still frames. I am attempting to get videos of you but it’s hard to make a point to take them often when I am so used to just taking photos.





You got some weird rash/eczema/dry skin? on your legs, which has me just a little perplexed. I am not sure how you got it or what exactly you are allergic too but no question that you got my sensitive skin. When we go to the pediatrician maybe she can figure it out what it is, for now I am researching for a more gentle bath soap for you.



I introduced you to leg warmers this week and they are my new obsession. We have the air on in the house and it is too cold to not have you in pants, however pants make diaper changes harder… and I am all about any short cut I can find. Legwarmers are the perfect solution; they keep your little legs warm but still give easy access to change your diapers. And the best part is that they are ADORABLE!!! So now I have an obsession with socks and legwarmers and hats and well clothes and just to warn you as soon as you walk that will include shoes as well. Sorry!


Jess said...

He's so stinkin' cute it's amazing I get anything done daily other than looking at pics and coming over to visit :)

paul peggy zeus said...

I love that high pitched squeal of his, and those leg warmers are to die for!

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