Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The First Little Fever

Last time we got the vaccines for my Little Cricket there wasn’t a single hiccup in his normal routine other than maybe being a little more tired than normal. I kept checking and rechecking his temperature but it didn’t even spike a single degree. Smooth sailing. So I was a little surprised that this time things were different. Within a few hours his temperature had jumped to 100.3, and then to 100.9 where it stayed for a few hours. Sure it was higher than normal but not too bad.


Then hours later it spiked again climbing to 101.3 and my Little Cricket got fussy, super-duper fussy. So I made my first late night call to the pediatrician who prescribed him his first dose of baby Advil. Thankfully just that single dose gave his little body the reprieve it needed. His temperature slowly fell and it didn’t rise again.


I was so worried about my little baby I couldn’t sleep all night. But he did fine, he did great!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Glad it wasn't too serious! :)

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