Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rogue Life List: 28.Watch a sunset with Mr. Rogue on a Hawaii Beach

Our first day in Hawaii we went to the car rental desk. With the baby we didn’t think it was a good idea to be rushed on a bunch of tours, what if we had to stop to change a diaper or feed our little guy. We decided to just rent a car, thinking that it would be the best way to get out and about on our own timeframe. On the even days we would do a fun trip outside of the resort and on the odd days we would hang out at the resort by the ocean and just chill. So we rented a car for the week. We got a little white number with the best gas mileage on the planet. I usually drove because I am a better driver and Mr. Rogue is a better direction giver. We fall into our appointed roles, us old married couples!



We had a pretty full agenda for our first day out. We went first to the giant botanical gardens. Kauai is known as the garden state, it gets the most rain than anywhere on the planet. And the tropical beauty that sucks up that rain is exquisite. I am a giant fan of the beautiful foliage; give me a flower, all the flowers! I also adored that everything was so green, green tropical green as opposed to the normal United States green; totally different you know. In LALA land, which is built on a desert, we don’t get green like this. Green so green the greenness saturates everything around you.





I brought the big lens with me because where there are flowers and acres of land there are inevitably birds. With the baby and the stroller and Mr. Rogue taking landscape photos while I chased the birds managing everything was a little bit more difficult. We did manage to create a system that worked, it was different but it was still fun. The best thing about having the stroller, was that we were able to pack that thing with so much stuff that we would have normally had to carry, my giant lens in particular!



We had fun just wandering around. It wasn’t really what I expected. I was thinking a more formal garden setting with designated paths and signs of what we were looking at. Think more rustic, the walking was done on the grass or on dirt roads. There were very little if any actual walking paths. Kind of a more a wandering experience. The plus side to this is that you get to discover so much on your own. All the plants were so different than what I am used to back home and I loved it. My favorite of course were the billions of orchids. Ahhh if only I could take them all home with me.







When we finished with the botanical garden and by the time I nursed and changed the baby in the car, super comfortable, it was already late afternoon. Our next stop was clear across on the other side of the island, good thing that Kauai isn’t that big. We were on our way to ‘the beach’ at the end of the road that you had to go see the killer sunset from. Kauai has one main road that forms an almost closed circle around the island. It doesn’t actually go all the way around because of the Na Pali coast (aka those big ass cliffs) and Waimea Canyon both which are on the north western side of the island and both which make a road impossible.

On the way to the beach we swung in a stop that I had found online as a place to get a great photo. Ahhhh it was beautiful, with the farmland in the foreground and the mountains off into the distance. SO PRETTY. It was also super peaceful just us and the chickens for a long time. Chickens you say, YES, apparently Kauai has an overpopulation of chickens, they are literally EVERYWHERE! We waited around for a while, I kept stalling, unbeknownst to Mr. Rogue I was hoping for someone to come so we could get a photo taken. It took a while but then finally I got what I wanted.




Our next stop was the caves near the beach. One was a dry cave and it was GIGANTIC. I couldn’t help but thinking about my all time favorite book ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’ and how this would be a great cave to live in. Nice and flat with a sandy floor and a ceiling high enough to stand up in comfortably. Too dark really to take photos of but it was super fun to explore.



Finally we ended up on ‘the beach’ at the end of the road. Mr. Rogue strapped on my Little Cricket into the baby carrier and we took our cameras and walked along the coast. Feet wiggling in the sand, water crashing onto the shore, the sun getting lower and lower all the while Mr. Rogue and I snapping photos. And as the sky lit up with beautiful colors Mr. Rogue and I held hands and smiled. We just LOVE sunsets and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii and watch a sunset on the beach. Another one to cross off my Rogue Life List. It was a perfect way to end our first full day in Hawaii.








Tired and hungry we headed back to the resort. We figured that we would just grab dinner somewhere along the way but everything closes in Kauai crazy early. We picked this island for its peace and quiet, and although I love Kauai it might just be too quiet. We ended up driving 2 hours home without seeing one place that would be good for dinner that was open. By the time we got back to the resort we were ravenous and I was exhausted. Instead of trying to get into one of the restaurants on the resort we decided to just order room service in the room. Perfect although it felt a little dumb to stay in the room and not venture out. At least the baby slept through our meal and I got to eat my dinner nice and hot!


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