Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Physical Therapy for my Club Feet

A few weeks ago I went to the foot doctor with painful constantly aching to downright hurting feet. I was diagnosed with planters fasciitis and sent to physical therapy. I went to my first appointment and Mr. Rogue stayed home with my Little Cricket. My feet got accessed and besides the fact that my calf muscles are super tight (something that the doctor told me) my feet also don’t flex as far as they should. Go figure.

Apparently when you sit with your feet out in front of you and try to point your toes up to your face you should be able to flex them 15-20%. One of my feet I can flex to 0% the other is a super underachiever at -5%. Anyways the tight calves can effect how much flexibility I have in my feet, which then makes me walk more flat footed than I should, which caused me to bang into the same part of my heel over and over and over again. AKA instead of a nice roll on my heel I have more of a slap. Getting old sucks. SIGH

Regardless my physical therapist is going to teach me to walk; awesome I have been walking wrong my entire life apparently, it is awkward to say the least. I also have a bunch of ridiculous looking stretches and exercises to do; I get to do them in front of a room full of people who are also rolling their eyes and doing their stretches as well. They want to give my feet some massages; which I am totally down for, in fact I tried to sign up for more of those. Oh and they want to electrocute my feet. WHAT@!!$#@@#



I was a little skeptical at first, about the electrocuting part that is. Because seriously! But the technician assured me that I would love it. She put these sticky things on my heels (where the pain is the worst) and clicked on her little machine and then left the room for 15 minutes. It wasn’t uncomfortable, more just weird that I knew electrical currents were zapping my heels. When the technician came to take the pads off my feet were all tingly, but when I stood, the biggest smile spread across my face. My feet felt SO MUCH BETTER. They went from a pain level of 4 to maybe a 1. I was in LOVE with electrocution. I really thought about smuggling that machine out of the room. Imagine the joy I would have if I could just zap my feet all the time. I resisted the impulse.

After my electrocution I was totally loving this therapist, where I was skeptical before about physical therapy I was now an overjoyed enthusiast. My therapist wants to see me three times a week and when he saw the panicked look on my face at the consistency of that schedule he graciously let me know that my Little Cricket was welcome to come with me. Triple bonus. Hopefully soon I will be walking like a pro with no pain.


Oh and I loved the artwork the doctor had in his office. I was expecting a photo of feet… this was much better.


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