Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 3

I missed my second class because we were in Michigan and it took a Herculean effort to go today. I talked myself into and out of going at least a dozen times. All I wanted to do was stay in bed, all I needed to do were the hundred things on my list before we leave for Hawaii on Saturday but in the end I finally went. I figured that I paid for it, and I missed last week as well as I was going to miss the next class. So I went and I was incredibly glad I did. There is so much amazing information in class from both the instructor and the well-read intelligent women who are going.

This week we were all over the place. My Little Cricket is the youngest in class so many of the moms have little ones who hit the six month mark and are trying food introduction. I still have yet to do much research on the topic but the information given was great. I particularly like the idea of baby lead weaning, by giving a baby the same things that we eat just in large enough chunks for them to knaw on so they don’t choke. These are mostly sticks and finger foods that they can gum to get used to eating. I also loved this article http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/nourishing-a-growing-baby that was sent out by our instructor. It is written for England standards on serving food to your baby who has a different outlook on proteins fed at a young age. Sadly we cannot feed my Little Cricket egg in his first year because I have an allergy, however there is a ton of other great information like making my own chicken stock for him. Her suggestion of her all time favorite baby food site Wholesome Baby Food http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com. These recommendations have giving me a launch pad of at least where to start on feeding my baby. We will definitely be feeding him a ‘whole food’ diet mostly that I make myself at home.

Something I didn’t realize when I first gave birth is that it is now recommended that we give our breast fed infants vitamin D supplements. The question also arises of iron and iron supplements. Some doctors suggest iron rich foods starting when solids are introduced at 6 months and some suggest giving a pill. I have never been a huge fan of pills, they often in my opinion cause more harm than good, with that being said a healthy infant born full term with good iron stores should be treated differently than one born early with very low iron levels a pill in that case would be lifesaving. So I think I am going to start solids in his fifth month and focus on iron rich foods as well as vitamin C to boost absorption. The recommended amount of iron for infants one year or less is 6-10mg per day. This increases to 10mg a day from one to three years of age.

We also talked about blanket sleepers like the Halo which many in our class were using. I never did use a blanket sleeper, my Little Cricket was a summer born baby and it was never chilly enough to nee done. We did however swaddle my Little Cricket but he stopped liking it months ago. We got a cold snap in LA and my instructor was talking about how once a baby can roll and starts moving at night a blanket sleeper should no longer be used. Instead she recommended fleece footie pajamas preferably organic. Her favorite brands were Tucker and Tate from Nordstrom’s, Snug organic merino wool pajamas or ICM sleepers from the Pump Station.

Lastly we talked about popular cups for little ones who are ready for a cup but not quite ready for one without a lid. We talked about cups that support muscle development in the mouth which will in turn be helpful for creating skills of language development. The typical sippy cup wasn’t recommended instead an open lidded small cup with supervision (like the top of the babies bottle) was suggested or a cup with a straw like the Honey Bear cup, B Box cup, Lolla Cup or the Zoli cup.

By the end of class again my Little Cricket was asleep. He cannot seem to make it through the hour and fifteen minute class. Thankfully he is the best napper in the world, he gets that from his mama, and he can sleep anywhere including through nine women singing kids songs. Maybe next week he will stay awake long enough to sing.


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co cute all flat out on his back! LOVE you, little one, and LOVE you, mommy too!

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