Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 1

I belong to a few mommy and me groups that mostly center around socializing. They are fantastic and free and fill up my days with new people and new environments but I kept hearing fantastic things about the Mommy Group at the Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica lead by Allison LaTona. In fact many people told me that I “HAD to take this class’.


Allison LaTona Biography:
Allison LaTona, MFT, is a marriage and family therapist, whose life-changing consultation groups provide a practical and compassionate roadmap for those navigating the journey of parenthood. LaTona has 18 years of experience counseling children, families, couples and individuals, and has facilitated groups in private practice, as well as at Santa Monica's Babygroup with Donna Holloran, MSW, for over a decade. La Tona is an author for Twigtale, an online resource for creating transition books for young children.
Focusing on respectful parenting philosophies, the power of language, emotional intelligence, and a child's natural developmental capabilities, LaTona offers specific strategies and invaluable insights that ease the inherent challenges of contemporary parenthood. Her work empowers parents with the vision and tools to create thriving and fulfilling family lives, and fosters long-term connections within a supportive community. With 13 years "in the trenches" raising two young children of her own, LaTona's personal path complements her professional credentials. Her empathy, experience, and dedication fuel her passionate commitment to her work.

Aside from personal referrals from other mothers I did a little research online and Allison got RAVE reviews everywhere. Let’s face it I am a new mom and the circus that is trying to figure everything out alone is difficult. Her class I felt would offer me professional advice along with allowing me to meet other mothers with babies in the same age bracket at my son. I figured I would try a session and see how it went.


Sadly I didn’t get into the first session (apparently they start at six weeks) and then I had to be put on a waiting list because these classes are so popular. I was super excited when I got a slot for the second session. Our first class was today. The women in my class were super sweet and I was ecstatic to see so many boys. They had all been together last session but Allison had emailed out some of the information covered so us newbies could catch up.

The room was situated with chairs in a circle, blankets and toys were strewn in the middle so the kids could play with some floor time while we learned. Breastfeeding, bouncing balls and changing areas were available to use and with so many children (I think we have 9 moms and 10 kids in our session) it was a little chaotic. Class was started with an open forum where people could discuss questions or concerns from the week. I found this question and answer session almost as good as the class. My Little Cricket is the youngest baby so many of the questions I could see him just beginning to show or perhaps tackling soon.


After the questions the instructor led us into a few loose topics. We covered Sleep Learning, Separation Anxiety and introducing a lovey, activates that would be good for us parents to encourage, and recommended reading and books. Class was followed by a slew of emails from Allison all containing literature and further information about what we discussed.

She ended the hour and fifteen minutes with a few quick songs (which is going to take me a little while to learn) our little ones snuggled in our laps. That is all the little ones except mine who was passed out cold. I will have to try and shift his naptime slightly so he can make it through the whole class awake.


I really loved Baby Group and all the information I learned. Looking forward to our next classes!

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