Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom Meetup: Get your Walk On

I have been trying a bunch of different mommy groups. This mom meetup is my fourth group. I know, I know, you are shaking your head… four groups. But you see each one is unique. One is a general let’s get together and hang out group, one is a mommy book club (no babies) hangout, one is a mommy class that I pay for that is very educational and this one I joined because these moms… they workout. Once a day, most days, these ladies meet at the park near my home and they walk, and they talk. We don’t go fast but we go far (About 5 miles in 1.5-2 hours). What’s perfect about this park is that it is a .6 mile loop. So if a baby is being fussy or if a mom needs to stop to feed or change a diaper it is easy to just sit out a loop and jump back with us on our next cycle.


I am lucky to live in lala land with so many people and so many opportunities. Mommies and exercise! HURRAH!

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