Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mom Meetup: Because It Takes a Village

I have been making a huge effort the past few weeks to start creating a support group and community of new moms. I have been to meetups, and mom groups and now I am even taking a mom class. I have met so many new moms and seen so many of their adorable delicious babies. Meeting moms is hard enough but actually making mom friends is even more difficult. I have always been social, fearless, the cruise director but finding people I really connect with is so hard.


For my career I was in marketing, well this is marketing at its finest. Marketing and networking and trying to make connections, make friendships with women where your only drawing together factor is that you both had a baby recently. Remembering all the names, the babies names, their ages, their birth stories, trying to establish connections that click. It is also an awesome place to talk about the amount of sleep your little one is getting, or not getting and all the milestones and questions in between. Things that start making other people who are not as obsessed with these topics (aka everyone without a small baby) roll their eyes in boredom.


So while trying to establish this network picnics are my new thing. Walking into a crowd of strangers with a smile on my face is my project. Trying to drag myself out of the house dressed and showered with a dressed and washed child is my goal. It’s a challenge but I am also finding some gems.

So we exchange phone numbers, and emails, and Facebook accounts. I attempt to keep connected to a few groups so I don’t go insane at home with my baby.


Hopefully wondering how all this is going to fit.

Today I met with one of my groups, the group I have been in the longest and therefore know the most people. We mostly all knew each other and it was a nice long lazy three hours with us moms in a circle and the babies between us rolling around. One baby in particular that we see often is only a week older than my Little Cricket. It is so adorable, just this visit they finally seemed to actually really notice each other. And then I remembered to record a bit.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Whatever they were talking about must have been funny, then cricket heard the plane and was curiously looking to the sky. FUNNY!

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