Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mom Group: Where we Moms Started Drinking

An in prompt to call lead to a meeting at the Market, a cute little modern food court in the newly remolded Santa Monica Promenade Mall. This was my first time venturing in since the remodel and I have to say that they did an incredible job. Imagine the old mall a once old dark closed space, now picture a bright airy feel with wide open outdoor spaces. It’s gigantic and amazing and I think I am in love! The food court however might just be my most favorite part (aside from Bloomingdales!).


After we spent time eating and catching up we went shopping. Of course we stopped at a bunch of fun little shops for the kids and a cool store called ‘Marbles on the Brain’ which may have some fun things I can get for Mr. Rogue for Christmas (he is always so hard to buy for). But after the baby stores we did some mama shopping. I am going to Michigan and then to Hawaii, two very different climates. So I got a shirt and scarf for Michigan and another pair of flip flops to replace my beloved ones that broke last month (I still cry about it). With three babies and three strollers we cut quite a wide path in the isles. Not to mention the logistics of trying to all fit into the elevator, and then only to find out that ‘this’ particular elevator doesn’t go to the floor we want. Mommy win!



But then we weren’t ready to call it a day, and we were a little parched from all the shopping so someone (I can’t remember who) had the brilliant idea to go wine tasting. Wine tasting with babies, yup we are awesome. This particular place had a cute little patio that we just managed to fit all the strollers onto. In the end we decided to split a tasting trio, because drinking three glasses of wine while we are all trying to breastfeed didn’t sound like a great idea. Plus I had to drive home. And we are all lightweights, being pregnant and not drinking for 10+ months really screws with your tolerance. In other news we are cheap dates right now.

The flight of wine we tasted wasn’t anything fantastic. The white was meh and both the reds were just ok and not really up to my preferences. We did however have fun trying them, and gobbling down the SUPER yummy cheese (Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam!) and date plate I ordered. YUMMMM.







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Wine tasting and babies. That's got to be a new one.

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