Saturday, September 21, 2013

Michigan: We are family

And the main reason I went to Michigan to see my Grandmother and introduce her to her Great Grandson. One photo, four generations; My mother, me, my grandmother and my Little Cricket. It was such a special beautiful moment, one that I will remember and treasure forever.


It is a shame my Little Cricket will never really remember this moment. Its so sad that he may never really get to know his great grandma. Often by the time we are old enough that generation has past on. I have a photo of me as a baby with my great grandmother Lillian, her sister (Aunt Lucilie) and my parents. I remember my grandmother well (not in the photo) but I don’t remember my great grandmother at all. This photo, and the stories I hear from my mother are all I have. The circle of life continues.


But we didn’t travel all the way to my grandmothers just for the baby, we also were so happy to visit my grandmother who hasn’t been feeling well and have all the women in our family together again. We are all close, in fact Ms. Sweetie and I are super close, more like sisters. The first time we have all been together up North at grandma’s house in at least 20 years.




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