Thursday, September 19, 2013

Michigan: To Grandmother’s House We Go

This trip to Michigan was a special trip for two reasons. One is that I wanted my grandmother to meet my son, her Great Grandson. But the second is almost as good. My grandmother had two girls, my mother and my aunt. Both of them each had a girl, myself and my cousin Ms. Sweetie. All of us haven’t been together up at grandmother’s house since I was a teenager. I cannot even remember the exact year; I just remember it was FOREVER ago. So when my mom and I started planning for this trip we immediately included my aunt and my cousin. It was going to be awesome to have all the estrogen power of us together.

My mother and I hung out at my aunts waiting for my cousin to fly in. The weather was just perfect. Michigan can be kind of a gamble. October is my all-time favorite month to visit, I just love the fall, it is one of the things I miss the most about living in LALA land. So we took advantage of the beautiful, perfect weather and sat outside. Of course we also passed around the baby, everyone wanted a turn.




Once Ms. Sweetie landed we jumped in the car for the 3.5 hour drive ‘up north’. We had a car full of goodies, a cooler full of drinks and thankfully a baby that slept the entire drive. That is one thing that My Little Cricket has in common with me, he falls asleep almost immediately when you put him in anything moving. I am so thankful he is such a good traveler. I doubt I would be attempting all these trips if I had had a difficult child.


My grandmother lives in the boonies, oh so inconveniently located far far away from any airport or major city, lovely for its isolation but not so lovely when you are trying to get there from another state. It usually takes me two days to get there and two days to get home; one to fly and one to drive. It’s so much effort to get there, but then when I finally arrive, the warm feelings and emotions of seeing my grandmother and relaxing into the house of my childhood memories I remember why I make the effort. Family and making memories with those you love is the most important thing in the world. Surrounded by those I love, I am the happiest.


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paul peggy zeus said...

"Awwww!" Will you email that pic of me and grandma kissing?? AND the one of all of us on the couch 4 generations?? AND oh the one of all of us women all together too! AND oh yeah, several of Cricket and me?? THANK YOU!!

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