Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Michigan: Plane Trip Part Duex

Buying the ticket for this trip I toggled back and forth about forking out the extra money for an extra seat. It is difficult enough having to fly with a baby, and there is little enough space in the tiny little seat they try to cram us all into without a baby on your lap, and really how do you get a bottle of milk ready (I pump bottles of BM for flights) or get a different toy without socking the person next to you in the kneecap. In the end I couldn’t justify the cost of buying him a seat especially when I traveled to Florida two months ago and was able to get an extra seat both ways for free. So I decided to roll the dice again and just hope that I could either get an extra seat or make do with him on my lap.

I checked into the counter two hours early, because it takes forever to get through security with a baby and I don’t like to be rushed. I managed to get to my gate an hour before boarding to inquire about an extra seat but was told due to a cancelation earlier in the day that the plane was totally full. I gambled and I guess I lost. I grabbed a bright gate check ticket for the stroller and sadly grabbed one for the car seat too.



Imagine my glee when there was one empty aisle seat a few rows from me. I took a bit of convincing for the guy in the window seat next to me to move to the empty seat, especially considering he didn’t speak any English. The guy next to me even jumped in and tried to help by speaking a few languages to the guy I wanted to move, but nothing seemed to be understood. So imagine me wearing a baby doing a bunch of hand waving and gesticulating while my friendly neighbor spouted off phrases in various languages. Somehow we persevered in getting the point across and my Little Cricket had a seat, sans car seat, sigh. The car seat would have made it so much easier, but I am not going to look this gifted cow in the mouth and complain about it.

Don’t you worry though; even without a car seat I made it work. Although I had to lug around a bunch of extra stuff at least I came prepared. I brought the Baby Bjorn in case I didn’t get a seat, the u shaped neck pillow (to support my Little Crickets head) in case I got a seat without the car seat and the car seat in case there was a seat available. Better to come over prepared than underprepared but DANG do I feel like a pack mule sometimes with all this stuff!




So my Little Cricket got his window seat and in between waving toys, feedings and sweet smiles I would randomly peek out the window and grin. Because flying, even when it’s much more difficult is still in my life. I am never happier than when I am off on an adventure, and now I have a little mini me to share the fun.


I was a little worried about landing by myself. Not in me actually landing the plane but rather me managing the stroller and two roller bags. I needed to get everything to the rental car place, which in Detroit is oh so not-conveniently a short shuttle ride away from the airport. Instead of stressing about it I decided to wing it when I got there. I figured worst case scenario I could rent a little cart and try to push both the stroller with the baby and the cart with all my bags.

Thankfully I found a nice young lad with a big cart that I could hire to help me get all my stuff to the shuttle site. With the addition of carrying all my things he also knew exactly which elevators to take to get to the right shuttle. With the stroller I can no longer use the escalators, and let me TELL YOU! I have never appreciated accessibility in the way I do now.


With the cart lad and with the shuttle guy helping out getting my car ended up not being that terrible after all. See low expectations can be a blessing! The real wrench in my day came from my friend I was going to see. This trip was a two prong trip. See my friend, Mrs. Bitch, who I have known since I was 12 and meet her son. And then to hang out with my family. See some aunts, and visit my grandmother, who was anxiously waiting to meet her newest great grand baby. Everything was in place, I was to rent a car, spend a few days with Mrs. Bitch and her family and then connect up with my mom to go to grandma’s house. Except when I landed I had a message from Mrs. Bitch telling me that she just took her almost two year old to the pediatrician office today and that he has croup.

I spent the next hour on the phone researching online about what the hell croup was and then talking with my friend, my pediatrician, my mom and my husband all while trying to keep my Little Cricket from FLIPPING OUT and trying to work out paperwork for the car. In the end I was in the rental car, parked at a gas station next to the expressway. West would take me to Mrs. Bitch’s house and East would take me to my grandma’s via my aunts. Croup is highly contagious, the older a child gets and the bigger their air passage ways get the less dangerous it is. My Little Cricket being just four months old was a prime candidate for potentially getting croup in a VERY BAD way. In some cases it can be fatal.

Despite the fact that my friend had dinner in the oven, a clean house, and that I was anticipating seeing her after so long (since my wedding) I decided that I was being selfish. I couldn’t just think about me anymore, I had to think about my small defenceless little baby. If he did get sick I would feel awful, on top of that my mother is prone to getting lung sicknesses and my grannie is old. Oh and the fact that we had plans to be in Hawaii in 10 days. So I called Mrs. Bitch and told her I was not coming to see her. To say that we were both TERRIBLY disappointed was an understatement. She understood. She is a mother too after all. But it still sucks, that I was only 45 minutes away but that I wouldn’t be seeing her this trip.

With my plans canceled I called my aunt. My mom was staying with her and I kind of invited myself over. Thank goodness she is super awesome. Of course she said yes.

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Thank goodness for little shuttle guys, and men on the plane gentlemanly enough to move so you could have an extra seat!

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