Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michigan: On the Way Home

This morning we got up and had a leisurely morning. We got ready to go and then we all went out to a super yummy breakfast. I am so thankful that my aunt was able to take me and my Little Cricket in when our plans fell through with my friend and then take us in again last night when I decided I wanted to break up our trip a little. It’s so nice to know I have a home away from home in Michigan. She was so awesome with my son and you could see the joy she felt when with him. That alone would have melted my heart. Thank you so much!


My mom and I managed to drop off the car and get our bags to the checkout desk without too much of a problem. Sure we took the elevator to a few random floors… we weren’t exactly lost, we just were wandering around for a while. We were in the same terminal so my mom and I went through security together before we had to say goodbye. I love that we got to spend some quality time together and I just cannot get enough of seeing her joy with my little boy.



Sadly this plane ride was fully booked. I was hoping to snag a seat for my Little Cricket like I did my last three flights with him but this time every single seat was taken (I looked). I wasn’t too worried, sure it would be uncomfortable having to hold him the entire time but it was only going to be five hours. But then the gentlemen next to me asked me to please make sure my baby didn’t touch him.

‘I don’t like babies at all.’ He said with a sneer.

AWESOME… I get sat next to a jerk face. Let’s face it no one wants to get stuck on a plane next to the screaming baby. If my little guy had been screaming I would maybe understand the sneer. But I just met this guy. Didn’t his mother teach him that if he didn’t have anything nice to say doesn’t say anything at all. It made the flight so much more uncomfortable. Not only was I trying to keep my Little Cricket happy and comfortable I also was slightly stressing about him accidentally touching the guy next to me. I say only slightly because obviously the guy was a jerk, I wasn’t allowing myself to stress too much.

Halfway through the flight I was pretty happy. My Little Cricket was being awesome. The guy next to me fell asleep. And the flight attendants were being kick butt. One of them even brought my Little Cricket his first set of wings. Chaos I didn’t know was right around the corner.


For some reason my Little Cricket was bulldozing through my stash of pumped milk I brought. With forty five minutes before we landed he started to really fuss. I was out of milk and I couldn’t go to the rest room to nurse because we were going to land soon and the fasten seat belt sign was on. With jerk face next to me and the fact that I am still not comfortable nursing in public there was NO WAY I was going to attempt to nurse in my seat. So I pulled out a bottle of ready-made formula I had for these exact emergencies. Now my Little Cricket has only had a few ounces spread over an entire 24 hour period of formula that second day in the hospital. So in four months he has only had breast milk. So I fed him his usual 4.5 ounces and he seemed happy. Fast forward 15 minutes later, he was very unhappy and so was I because my Little Cricket started projectile vomiting. Thank goodness I had a large blanket on my lap, it absorbed most of the mess. But there was no way to contain it all. It got everywhere. All over my Little Cricket, all over me and even a little on jerk face next to me. I was so worried about my baby I didn’t even care about jerk faces grumblings. Instead I focused on my baby and on the little monitor that counted down the minutes until we landed. Those 25 minutes were the LONGEST ever.


I got to a rest room and stripped my little boy now. He was still getting sick and he seemed to be getting warmer. I wiped myself the best I could ignoring the change of clothes I had with me. I would probably get more on me anyways and Mrs. Dancer was coming to pick us up. An hour later we were settled at home. My Little Cricket still getting sick and now with a slight fever. Poor little buddy. Bad evil baby formula.


Mrs. Dancer stayed for a few hours to help watch my little guy so I could take a shower and start getting some things organized. Sure I was exhausted but we were leaving for Hawaii in 34 hours. There was STUFF TO DO. I wrapped my Little Cricket in a blanket and he got cuddles from his aunt while I started laundry and started disinfecting his toys.




Long after Mrs. Dancer left my Little Cricket continued to get sick, even when his little tummy was no longer holding anymore fluid. Eight hours after he drank that formula he was able to keep down a little breast milk. His fever started to naturally fade and he was finally able to sleep a little. But since he missed out on so many feedings he woke up every hour to feed. It was a long difficult night after a long stressful day but by morning my Little Cricket was back to his happy self. We even got to spend a little cuddle time with daddy who decided to go into work late. He missed us both bunches and bunches.



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paul peggy zeus said...

A sick baby is no fun on a plane I'm sure! Thank Goodness for wonderful aunts, and friends when you arrived in La La Land..

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