Monday, September 23, 2013

Michigan: Nature, it’s my Zen Place

Six years ago, when I was in the grips of the most terrible depression, I found comfort in nature. I was living in Los Angeles, working at a high paced advertising career where I spent a great majority of my time in rooms without windows, sitting at a computer for 60-80+ hours a week under the most horrible florescent bulbs and spending 5-9 hours a week commuting in traffic to get to my job. I was living my ‘American Dream’ the dream I worked so hard to achieve but I had lost my soul.

And then my company closed their LA office and I found myself at home with more time than I knew what to do with. In my long process of healing one of the things that made a huge difference was falling in love with photography, and then falling in love with birding, and then marrying those two together to create a borderline obsession of taking photos of birds and anything else outside that caught my interest.

Those days, months, weeks, YEARS I spent hiking, memorizing, learning, struggling, triumphing all while being in the great outdoors was my salvation. My mother and I share our love of everything outdoors and although we were up north to spend time with grandma we also managed to get outside a few times. Most of those times I was inside with the baby when she would come rushing in to get me, with something fascinating she wanted to share.

The first was a fun fuzzy caterpillar. A caterpillar… meh you might say, but for us everything is awesome, even a little tiny caterpillar with a spiked hairdo.



The second time she came running in it was much more exciting. While walking in the park she found a baby chipmunk. She grabbed a few nuts and a little carrot and I grabbed my camera. We dashed out and let me tell you it was the CUTEST ever!. So tiny.




One day dawned especially bright and sunny so my mom and I took off on a little walk with my Little Cricket. I didn’t want to go to far, or two fast, because of my planters faciitis but we did take a little cruise. Fall is my all-time favorite season and I love fall up north, sadly we missed the trees changing color by a few weeks. We were a little too early. I did get glimpses of the leaves changing but it was nothing like the full glory it could be. Fall is finicky; really you only get the gorgeousness for a few weeks and when it changes depends on the weather. Another time… another time I will hope to catch it again.





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paul peggy zeus said...

Nature at it's very best. Thank you for sharing such special moments with me!

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