Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Michigan: Leaving Grandmas

On our last day at grandma’s house we all went to dinner. Options up there are very very limited unless you want to drive over and hour away (and even those options are LIMITED). However they do have a pretty amazing Chinese place, pretty much the only place we go out to eat when I visit. I got my favorite, sweet and sour chicken, and I had to smile at the zodiac place mat. The place we used to go to when I was a child had similar ones and I always loved the way the Chinese zodiac described me.

“Extremely popular as you are attractive, cheerful, friendly and flattering to others whose company you seek.” – ah yes fan my ego zodiac!


Even though my mother and my plane didn’t leave until the following day at 3 in the afternoon we decided to leave grandmas tonight. Thinking about trying to cram a 4.5 hour car ride to the airport from grandmas, dropping the rent a car off, getting to the airport early enough to get through security and then flying 5 hours home to get my bags and drive a half hour home all in one day just was too much for me to try and put my Little Cricket through, let alone me. So we decided to leave tonight, drive to my aunts (who is only a half hour from the airport) so we could break up the trip a little.



It was all a little last minute, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that long day sooner… and have my little mini panic attack about it before... actually I think I was just trying to block it all out I was so tired. Because traveling with a baby is so much work! If I think too much it just won't happen. So we called up my aunt to make sure we could stay.

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paul peggy zeus said...

The Chinese Proverb forgot to mention what a wonderful mother and daughter you are, how gracious and generous you are, and how wise you were to leave grandmas a day early so Cricket didn't have to sit in his car seat literally all day and night!

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