Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hawaii: Snorkeling & Underwater Photography

Today we had a pretty simple easy relaxing time. We had one goal to explore just a little bit of the snorkeling on the island and to test my new little camera underwater. Most of the beaches had really rough water with red high tide danger flags. But after talking to the desk we found a perfect little protected cove with good snorkeling where we were told the waves weren’t as bad.

But first we had lunch at the famous Brennecke’s a little bar and grill overlooking the cove we were going to snorkel at and that sported some super tasty food and drinks. We started with the best coconut shrimp I have ever had. Mr. Rogue ordered the grilled ____ fish sandwich and I got the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Both were super-duper delicious!



When we asked at the desk at the resort about places to snorkel the woman offered to give us the number for the nanny service to watch the baby, because obviously we weren’t going to be able to take him snorkeling. I am just not ready to leave him with a stranger, he is just too young and precious. So Mr. Rogue and I simply took turns snorkeling. One of us sat with my Little Cricket while the other played in the water. It wasn’t the best solution, it is always more fun to share something with someone, but we both had a good time playing with the underwater feature on my camera.





It was pretty hard to use at first, neither of us really knew what we were doing but in the end we worked it out. We got a few surprisingly clear photos. For our first foray into underwater photography I was pretty impressed. Sadly we have been horribly spoiled. Having snorkeled in two (The Philippines & The Galapagos) of the top four (Still have to get to Fiji and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia) best places to snorkel in the world Hawaii ended up being pretty subpar. However I still did have fun, mostly because of the new challenge with the camera.







After snorkeling we went back to the hotel where I saw that they were letting people hold some of the birds. GASP! I got to hold Duke a male Blue & Gold Macaw!


We headed back to our room where we all just chilled out. My Little Cricket got some play time and then we all grabbed a nice little nap. I woke up grudgingly; again Mr. Rogue had to drag me out to our dinner reservations. Today we went to Yum Cha a Japanese fusion place. Because we were eating so late (around 8:30pm) and because my Little Cricket was on an earlier bedtime because of the time changes we were able to eat every single dinner on the trip with him sleeping away in his stroller. That was an unanticipated great thing. I am happy we took the trip at this age instead of waiting until January. It ended up being perfect.



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paul peggy zeus said...

That was an excellent idea to "share" the responsibility of watching the baby while the other snorkeled close by. At least you both had the experience and were able to share notes when you got on shore. :)

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