Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hawaii: Our First Attempt at a Family Vacation

My birthday is in six days but Mr. Rogue gave me my gift last night a little early. When I opened it I realized why he gave it to me early, it was a new mini camera. Lately mine has been fritzing out and I have been complaining about it not so quietly. I don’t always lug around my large SLR, it just isn’t very convenient when I am out and about. But the photos from my little camera have been terrible. So I was super excited with this gift, just in time for Hawaii. It is also waterproof which is super helpful with kids.


This morning we woke up bright and early, we packed everything in the taxi and we were off to the airport. I was officially super excited. As a gift to each other every year we try to go away at least for a few days for our wedding anniversary. Since we met we wanted to visit Hawaii (neither of us have ever been) but some reason always popped up. This was a trip to fulfill that dream when we were just first dating.


Of course now we have a little baby, and that wasn’t really in the plan for our first trip, but I couldn’t be happier in this moment 10 years later finally on our way.


The flight was SO MUCH EASIER with two people. That and I managed to get an extra seat for my Little Cricket again. With both of us to carry the things we needed on the plane and to keep the baby occupied I even found some time to play with my new camera. Mr. Rogue found time to play with the designs of the house we are dreaming about building one day and before I knew it I got my first glimpse of Hawaii.






We got picked up from the airport by a bus service which made getting to our hotel so much easier. My favorite part was driving under the tunnel of trees. Well that and driving up to the beautiful front entrance to our resort. We were greeted with Hawaiian lei for me and a Hawaiian lei kukui nut





We checked into our deluxe ocean room. I am always a little skeptical when I book my room at a hotel especially when you have to pay extra for a view and then you end up with something not quite up to my expectations. I was so happy when we got to our room and it was exactly as I expected.



By the time we checked in and got to our room and took care of the baby we were both ravenous. We visited the little bar and grill by the pool, drank yummy drinks with pineapple and had a fabulous lunch before venturing out onto the grounds. The beautiful wonderful fabulous grounds.





I never knew koi were so interesting until we ran across the pond with a sign. Koi, sometimes called live jewels, are derived from a common carp that originated in central Asia where breeding of these fish is documented back to 500bc. They were quickly introduced eastward to china and japan and westward to Europe. The Japanese’s perfected the art of breeding koi to produce a myriad of color varieties from a once grey to black species. This art is still practiced today, and show that koi can attain values reaching thousands of dollars. Their value is determined by the shape of the body and head, conformation of fins and patterns. Koi have a long life span, with the oldest recorded at 276 years. They reach ideal size at 4 years however their size is only limited by the pond size and availability of food.



Since it was only an hour to sunset we decided to just sit on a bench and hang out. It was perfect and the grounds were exquisite.












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Love the Koi Pond! You found a beautiful resort on a beautiful Island. I LOVE KAUI!!

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