Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hawaii: Cabana & Pools

Every other day we would just hang out at the resort and each of those days we rented a cabana on the beach. We figured with the intense sun it was better to keep my Little Cricket in the shade. I was also able to convince the staff to bring out one of the hotels pack and plays, a perfect spot for my Little Cricket to hang out and play with his toys or take a nap. A waitress swung by every half hour to take our drink or food orders. It was days full of laziness, playing with the baby, relaxing and listening to the waves hit the beach. We were incredibly spoiled but it really made hanging out on the beach with a baby way more enjoyable.










I didn’t get to drink very much since I am still breast feeding. I allowed myself two half drinks (Mr. Rogue finished the other half for me) at the beach and then once glass of wine with dinner. Mr. Rogued loved all the drinks, in particular the Tai Chi a tropical version of the Long Island Iced Tea. With the yummy drinks coming often and the super good food we were happy as clams. Ahhhh it feels good to be waited on!




I can swim but I wouldn’t call myself an amazing swimmer. The beach that our hotel was on was lovely to watch but super dangerous to swim in. There is a red flag up every single day of the year on this particular beach. The red flag is the worst of all beach warning flags, a red flag means serious hazards. This particular beach has dangerous undercurrents and high waves. Regardless I only went down to the ocean to dip my little toes in the water, there was no way I was going to tackle those waves, they were gigantic.



Mr. Rogue however is a super strong swimmer, he was on the swim team in college and he felt confident going out with some snorkel gear. I watched him from the shore, making sure I kept his head in sight. He didn’t last long, he said it just was too dangerous even for him. The worst part is while he was getting tossed around by the waves in the ocean he lost his wedding ring. We didn’t even realize it was missing until later that night, at first he was sad but then he was like LOOK IM SINGLE. Thank goodness we have another ring at home, his actual original wedding ring that is just a tiny bit snug.


When we wanted to go swimming we had several options. There was an adult only pool, there was a large family pool with a lazy river a water slide and several hot tubs, or there was the extra large salt water lagoon. We preferred the lagoon, it was quiet and we could hang out with the baby and his new floaty without getting into other peoples way. Of course my Little Cricket loved the water, and he tried to drink too much of it, but we didn’t stay in long, I was too worried about the baby getting burned. We managed to keep him in the shade enough that he didn’t even get a tiny bit tan the whole trip. Success! Too bad Mr. Rogue forgot to take his wallet out of his pocket before entering the lagoon. Fail!






On another note because I found out so much useful information about this hotel online I want to point out something I was unsure of. This hotel didn’t care at all about me bringing a little floatation device for my Little Cricket. In fact when I asked about it the staff offered to blow up his floatation device for me. They also had a baby floaty that you could buy or rent at the beach house. I loved how kid friendly this hotel was.


We would stay in our cabana every day until closing time (sunset). It was my favorite time of the day as the clouds got kissed with pinks and purples.







For dinner we went to Tidepools, our favorite restaurant at the hotel. The restaurant was actually a series of small huts branching out over the water. We got sat by the water, the waterfall gently tinkling in the background. Dinner was delicious and again the baby slept peacefully in his stroller. A perfect end to a perfect day.




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