Monday, September 16, 2013

Fourth Month Pediatrician Appointment

Today I took my Little Cricket for his four month doctor appointment, aka the place where the nurse stabs my baby repeatedly with sharp objects. I walked in chanting under my breath ‘I will not punch the nurse, I will not punch the nurse’. I am pretty sure the others in the waiting room didn’t hear me.

The nurse came in, the one I am not allowed to hit, to get my Little Cricket’s weight and measurements. I was overjoyed to find out that its official, my Little Cricket is now 14 pounds 1 Ounce and has doubled his birth weight right on schedule. His weight, height and head circumference are all in the 50th percentile. So he is all perfectly average and that makes me perfectly happy!



The doctor came in, the doctor I love and don’t want to punch (thank goodness because she is expecting and I would feel bad for wanting to punch a pregnant lady), and started cooing over my Little Cricket. He checked out fine on all his tests other than the back of his head still has a little flat spot on it. Since he was born with a 90th percentile sized head on a 50th percentile body she said it was common that the neck muscles just cannot move the head very much. Now that his head is more proportional he is moving around like a champ and his flat spot when measured hasn’t increased in size. Apparently this is a pretty common thing happening in about half the babies she sees. With the back to sleep campaign a few years ago, where parents are encouraged to put their babies to bed on their backs in an effort to prevent SIDS, it apparently is causing less deaths but more flat spots. I could get him a helmet to get it fixed but it was her recommendation that this spot was minor and that it would soon be covered by hair to never be fussed over again. I opted for no helmet!




We also talked about solids something that I have done hardly no research on, which I hate. I don’t like having discussions about something I know nothing about. Of course it is on my to-do list to research introducing solids, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Regardless she encouraged me that the latest guidelines suggest to wait until six months to introduce solids and to introduce them slowly. She also mentioned that if I really wanted to introduce them I could now. With the limited research I have done all the experts seems to say to wait. I decided to start at 5.5 months so he can have a little something at Thanksgiving.


And then came the dreaded shots. Of course they were out of one of the vaccines so we have to come back AGAIN next week when it comes in. Awesome! It wasn’t any easier seeing you get poked this time as it was last time. The first shot you looked confused and then you started to scream. Thank goodness right after you breastfed and quieted down, your sobs becoming hiccups and then you fell asleep.


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