Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What a Pain in the Foot

I scheduled an appointment with a foot specialist a month ago. It drives me nuts that it takes so long to see a specialist, well a good specialist that is. This guy is one of the best in my area and since this is a foot problem, and I need my feet all the time, and I am not a big fan of being in chronic pain the rest of my life I wanted the best and to get the best you have to wait. I am just not that great about the waiting part.

So I visited the office today for my appointment and within two minutes of pressing different areas of my foot and rotating my ankle around the doctor diagnosed me with planters faciitis. From the internet and from facts from my dad (who has this) I was already pretty sure going in that is what I had. Now that it is confirmed I am totally bummed. This is something that can never be quite fixed. Sure with physical therapy and treatment it can get better but it is something that tends to reoccur if not taken care of properly.



My doctor mentioned there are different ways of getting planters faciitis. One is walking often in non-supportive shoes, or having a job where you are on your feet all day every day or like me having calf muscles that are too tight. I was doing yoga last year but then stopped per my OBGYN’s suggestion a few months before I got pregnant. Now that I am cleared for exercise I started walking, and I started walking a bunch. That is when it really flared up. So my goal is to get my calf muscles loosened up and in turn have a better more effective strike onto the ground with my foot and in turn fixing my planters faciitis.

First I was fitted and given orthopedic heel cups to put in my shoes. They look a little cheap, I was expecting to be fit for custom orthotics for my specific problem. But when I voiced these concerns the doctor had me try them… DAMN my heel pain was almost gone. These things are little gems of awesomeness. Appearances are deceiving.


My next step was to get measured for my new enemy, a boot I have to wear whenever I am sitting down or sleeping for the next six weeks. When I mentioned that I got fit for one to my father, his exact words were:

“Call me in two days when you are ready to throw that thing across the room.”

OH how he was right. This thing is a royal pain in the butt. But I will wear it, and even if I don’t learn to like it at least I know I am doing everything I can to fix this little problem before it becomes a big problem.


My last step was to get a prescription for physical therapy. Several were close to me but I opted for his top recommendation. A little further from my house but again I am hoping for some great results. The saddest thing about all of this is that not only does he discourage me from wearing high heels but also my flip flops, a California girls best friend. SIGH.


I come back in six weeks to see how my progress is going and to make any adjustments to my treatment.

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