Wednesday, August 14, 2013



I love to travel. It is my all-time favorite thing. I love the adventure, I love the revitalization it gives me, I love to indulge in the sights and sounds of somewhere totally different and I love to give in to my need to go. Today I booked our first family vacation. After hours of agonization, hours and hours of research and hours and hours and hours of debating Mr. Rogue and I selected a place (Hawaii), we choose an island (Kauai) and we selected a hotel (The Grand Hyatt). We are a little nervous traveling with the baby. The dynamics of traveling with a child, the stuff that we will need to lug around, the extra accommodations to allow for naps etc will be difficult. I have been warned that we will have fun; it will just be a different kind of fun. My Little Cricket will be five months when we go, however I plan to start how I mean to go. Since we have a child now and I will obviously be doing my traveling with my son so I may as well suck it up and start now. That first plunge is the hardest right?

Plus we are going to start trying for baby number two soon. These ovaries aren’t getting any younger you know. And I am still hopeful that I can talk Mr. Rogue into three kids, right now he has agreed to two and THEN we can talk about a third. When I get pregnant again I know my OBGYN is going to put me on modified bed rest again which means no traveling for me. So I need to cram as much travel fun as I can between now and January (when we are thinking of trying for baby number two).

Let the wanderlust indulgence begin!



paul peggy zeus said...

You can't go wrong! Kaui, The Grand Hyatt, and your beautiful family. No better time than the present, why put off tomorrow what you could do today!

Kim & Chris said...

Boobs, check, diapers, check, go have fun.

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