Friday, August 16, 2013

The Week in Moments: Three Months Old - 13 Weeks

My Little Cricket,

I have fed you pretty much every 2-3 hours for the past 91 days and I have to ask you aren’t you full yet? You are exclusively breast fed, except for that little bit of supplementation we had to do one day at the hospital, and I have to say it is AWESOME, AMAZING that everything you need you get from me. Sometimes I miss being pregnant, having you safe tucked away inside me, where I could protect you better. Breastfeeding you makes me feel still physically connected. And you know what, you are growing so fast, you are growing so big, my breasts are WORKING!!! I am doing a high five to myself in my head right now. Sure breastfeeding was incredibly hard in the beginning, but we are now rock stars.




This week you officially outgrew your three month old clothing right on time, right on target, and yet I am not ready. Actually if I am being honest your clothes have been a bit snug for the past three weeks, I was just in denial. I cannot say anything other than I am a little in a daze how you are so big already. It’s all moving so FAST. And then in the next moment it feels like you have been here forever.




So yesterday I went through your entire little wardrobe and I put all of the little tiny 0-3 month clothing into labeled boxes. Daddy put them in the attic where they will remain until baby number two arrives. Mr. Rogue and I want more children for sure, in fact I wish I was pregnant right now, however I am a little afraid of the logistics of more than one child. I wasn’t worried about having one, but having one and being pregnant…. Having two young children at the same time… and then if I am really crazy I think about having three.





Anyways it was so sad folding up those little onsies that you will never wear again. My heart broke into a little million pieces because you grew out of them so fast. Then in the next moment I realized I get to go shopping for MORE adorable clothes and everything was better.




You found your feet this week, and it is your new favorite go to toy. I lay you down and your feet go up to your face, I try to bathe you, change you, talk to you and you are only interested in putting your feet in your mouth. I love your fixation, the little furrowed brow of concentration you get on your face. It so reminds me of your father, that intense stare. Enjoy those feet little one!


I think of how many wonderful things you brought into my life when you were born. One of them is the added love I feel for you father. Its amazing how great of a dad he is and there is something that stirs my heart to see the man I love with you, making you laugh, helping me. His growth into a father, holding you, the child that we made together; my love for him has grown even more, even bigger than I ever imagined. Such a wonderful surprising gift!



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