Friday, August 30, 2013

The Week in Moments: 15 Week Old

You are the most adorable, the sweetest, cutest bundle of joy on the entire planet. I aware I might be a little biased but I sure think that you are the bee’s knees!





Currently I am obsessing about your wardrobe. For my shower, hand me downs and as little gifts I didn’t buy very much for your newborn or 0-3 month wardrobe. Now that all of those clothes no longer fit you I am faced with getting you a whole new wardrobe. It is much harder than I thought it would be mostly because it is ever changing. Some things fit, some don’t, I don’t have socks to match that or a shirt to match those shorts. Boy oh boy is it hard to pair everything to match correctly. I also need to buy for both 3-6 and 6-9 for two different climates. We will be doing three trips back to the east coast where it is much cooler than LALA land. But then I needed enough stuff for warmer weather too for LALA land and for our trip to Hawaii. On top of all that I have a severe case of mommy brain. I literally cannot remember what you have, in what size, in what color and I randomly would pick up something only to realize that I had something very similar already.

To make a long story short I was driving myself crazy to I came up with a solution. I laid out your entire 3-6 month wardrobe on the nursery floor and then did the same thing for your 6-9 month wardrobe and then I took a photo with it on my phone. I did this over and over, every week or so until I felt like I had enough (or maybe too much). Regardless it may be a little over the top but it worked like a CHARM.



P.S. I am not complaining about the wardrobe. I love love love to shop. And I found a ton of owl clothing (you know how much I love birds) so all is right in the world!



In other news you finally rolled over this week. You are officially mobile. I was so excited that you hit this milestone I was cheering you on and grinning like a fool. But then a few days later I realized that this isn’t so incredibly awesome. Over and over again I have to come and flip you onto your back. I must do it 50 times a day, sometimes moments after I just flipped you. In essence you keep getting stuck. Sure you perfected the art of rolling onto your belly (only one way mind you – the right way) but maybe you should really start working on how to roll back to your back on your own. You see when you are on your back I think that you forget just how much you HATE tummy time. So when you perform your new skill and flip from your back to your front you get pissed. I am hoping you learn to flip back over quickly but I hear it can take up to two months. LORD HELP ME.

You have also become a saliva making machine. You are drooling like crazy and sticking anything and everything in your mouth which probably means you are starting to teeth. So this week I introduced you to some frozen teething toys. At first you weren’t sure about the coldness of them but now you LOVE them. I also gave you Sofia the Giraffe which is now officially your new favorite thing ever. No matter how fussy you are I can give you that toy and you are a ball of happiness.


You love love love your swing. Out of everything I purchased the swing is your favorite which is then my favorite thing. Whenever I cannot get you down for a nap or to go to bed for the night a good five minutes in the swing and you are sleeping for hours. Sometimes I transfer you to your bassinet and sometimes I just leave you in there. In that instance you are like your mama. I love to be moving, in a car, a plane, as long as it is moving I get drowsy. You also almost always will be sleeping in your car seat or stroller. Out of all the things about becoming a new mother the sleep deprivation is by far the hardest. This swing sometimes saves my sanity!


You have the fastest growing fingernails on the planet. I cut them every other day and you STILL cut your face sometimes with all the random arm flailing and face rubbing. At least I have almost lost my fear of cutting you. Now I just wait until you are completely passed out.

I still have a love of hats, and for now you are still wearing them without complaint. Everyone keeps telling me that eventually you will just rip them off but for now we are both happy with you in hats. Everywhere we go people compliment me on how adorable you are and how cute your hats are and I smile with pride. My little darling boy I couldn’t be happier with you.




Cortney said...

And then God invented the baby swing and all the tired moms yelled "halleujiah!"

paul peggy zeus said...

it's amazing to see the video of him rolling over and by the time you got to Grandma's, he was rolling around several times ~ so much it was difficult to keep him on the blanket.

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