Friday, August 23, 2013

The Week in Moments: 14 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

You are such a happy little baby and you are an easy little baby. Those two things I am so grateful for because this whole mother thing is pretty hard. Even with an easy baby it is hard, I cannot imagine if you were difficult, how much harder it would be. I would also just like to take a moment and say that I am loving being a mom, I am loving you, in fact all I feel is intense love to the point that I am avoiding all other negativity. Because this love, basking in it, has made me the happiest I have ever been. And that is all because of you.



You are hitting milestones or getting near to hitting them. We were at the park the other day and you found your thumb for the first time. Sure you have been stuffing your hand in your mouth for weeks but this time it was the full on thumb sucking finger curled official sucking thumb pose, if there is such an official pose. Since my phone was right there I whipped it out and got a photo to send to your daddy.


You are ready to roll over, you get onto your side but you just aren’t there quiet yet. You get frustrated and I feel your frustration. Your father and I sat and watched you yesterday for a full 20 minutes because we were sure it was going to be the day but in the end you couldn’t quite make it. Maybe next week you will pass that milestone.

Your cradle cap up until this week was super mild… and then it burst out of control. Sick with the ugliness of it I got a gentle natural cradle cap remover from the pharmacy and it made you smell disgusting for the past five days. So disgusting, as in I threw that cradle cap stuff away. Your father and I love to hold you at night while you sleep before we go off to bed. I often snuggle my face and nose by your head because I love your baby smell. This week we just had to put you down or at least keep your head far away from our sensitive noses. It was the saddest thing ever!


You rode in the baby bijorn for the first time this week and with most things I introduce you to the first time you were pretty mellow about it. Not quite sure whats going on often with new things you just sit back and tolerate it. You wear this look of intense concentration that I often see on your father, you never look more like him than when you are concentrating. So I wore you at the grocery store and you LOVED IT. This new vantage point gave you so much more to look at but you got a ton less attention from the old ladies you love so much. An even trade-off I think.



I finally used the baby monitor for the first time. Up until now whenever you were I was and whenever I was you were. If you were napping I tried to lay down or I read a book. If you were up we were playing together or I was holding you or we were out. The most I was away from you was a quick moment to use the restroom and even then I always hurried quickly back. This week while you slept I turned on the monitor and attempted to get some things done I have been ignoring for months. Sure I watched that monitor so often I am not sure how much stuff I actually got done but being able to watch you sleep on the video allowed me to at least be in another part of the house. It was scary and liberating.


Early mornings and late nights are my favorite part of the day because we often cuddle together in bed as a family. I have a strict no baby sleeping in our bed rule but when we are all awake, or rather when you wake us up, it is awesome just to play for a bit, just the three of us.





Last but not least you are now currently rocking out bath time. You are learning to love the water and your little tub cannot contain the massive amounts of water you like to kick and splash out. Soon we will have to bathe you in the big tub. You are so wonderful and fun and exciting. We love you Little Cricket!


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