Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shopping with Mrs. Bulldog and Baby Bulldog

I have always loved clothes and fashion. I have my own little style that has worked for me for years. I have never been a fashion freak but I do love clothes and I do like to dress pretty. Since having a child worrying about what I wear has gone out the window. In fact my normal outfit now a days seems to have high amount of spandex in it. Think Yoga pants and tank tops, all the time. Mostly sprinkled with little bits of spit up and milk. AWESOME.

Spandex is however my reality right this moment. So much of my time is spent taking care of my Little Cricket that sometimes I forget about myself. That and the poo, pee, feedings, changing diapers, crawling around on the floor and spit ups getting ‘dressed’ is challenging.

It’s important to feel like me, and lately I have been looking in the mirror and seeing a sloppy version of me. Even though I am the same weight as I was when I got pregnant that weight has shifted to a different place. My clothes fit, but they are tighter in some areas and looser in others. In essence they don’t fit right.

So taking an honest look at my wardrobe I decided to do a little shopping; and what better place to shop than the South Coast Plaza Mall, the best mall in the world. Since this mall is so close to a few friends of mine we decided to try to get together with our new babies for lunch and some shopping. The only problem is that there wasn't a single day between the three of us where we could all get together for six weeks; seriously we are some busy ladies. So I decided to have lunch with them separately, because twice as much shopping is always a great idea.

First up was Mrs. Bulldog and her new little Baby Bulldog. We had lunch at Z Tejas. I got the mushroom and cheese enchiladas, so super delicious!


After lunch Mrs. Bulldog introduced me to mommy heaven at the mall. A family area with a little seating area, bathrooms with kid sized sinks, changing areas and even little areas with rocking chairs and curtains for breastfeeding; it was a perfect mommy oasis. On top of it being a great functional space I also loved the art, you wouldn’t imagine how hard it is for me to like both in the same space. Laura H Beith had several paintings scattered throughout the space. They were fun and colorful. If I hadn’t decorated my little guys room already I may have drawn inspiration from her artwork.



After having lunch I went shopping with both sets of friends with babies in tow. We shopped for the little kids and then we shopped for us. Although I didn’t find anything I wanted for my Little Cricket I did manage to scoop up a few things for me.



I wished I lived closer to these friends. They both had little boys, but they both have an older child as well. So we can all talk about where our little ones are at the moment and I get the added bonus of drawing on their mommy experience. At an hour away it really isn’t feasible for us to get together often, but when I do we always have fun.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Hey, wait a minute, we lived an hour away from like everyone. It's not that far, so don't let it deter your decision to get together more often. You have nothing but time on your hand, so why not?

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