Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seurat and I are at it Again

My cat… he is old. He is old and cancerous and a little set in his ways. We have butted heads in the past about things but as he gets older and older if possible he gets MORE stubborn. Let me just say also that whenever we do disagree on something, lets say my Christmas Tree Skirt, or that diet I tried to put him on, he ALWAYS wins. Hands down beats me every time. I am a strong woman but Seurat, he puts me to shame.

Our most recent problem isn’t something I can let go. For some reason over the past two months Seurat has been having accidents on our living room rug. I cannot tell if he is not getting enough attention or if he is just getting old or if he is just being a jerk face. Regardless of what it is I cannot have him using my rug, using my HOUSE as a bathroom. He has always been great with his litter box so I cannot understand what the most recent problem is.

At first maybe it was medical; perhaps a UTI or simply old age incontinence. But no, I took him to the vet, supposedly he is in great health for such an old cat. So we bought a new rug to replace the old one, but nope that didn’t fix the issue either.


Cats are very sensitive creatures and I know with the new addition to the family could have caused this behavior. To be honest my furry baby hasn’t been getting as much attention as he is used to. Heck, he and my Rottie have always been cool together, but lately I am catching Seurat actually going up to him to cuddle. Weird! So I don’t know if the cat is competing with the baby for attention, possibly? So I made sure to spend more time with him, give him some one on one time, and yet the problem still persists.


So I am kind of at my wits end. Right now I am locking him up at night and when I leave the house in his litter box area since most of the accidents/vandalism seems to happen when I am not around. And when I am home he roams the house. Since we started this a few weeks ago there hasn’t been a single accident. But locking him up every day isn’t what I call a perfect solution. My dad suggested a second cat litter box in the family room which I may try.

Regardless right now Seurat and I are at a stalemate.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I CANNOT believe he peed on your brand new beautiful rug. Baaaad kitty!

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