Monday, August 26, 2013

Pool Time Bling

I have been exposing my Little Cricket to the pool as often as I can. Right now he is not really sure what to make of it; I am kinda waiting for him to get just how COOL a pool is. Until then, since it is difficult to hold him in my arms all the time and keep his little head above water, I invested in a little pool floaty. It’s a little big for him now sure however it has a little sun roof and he seemed too really like it. My mother had me in a floaty as a young baby and now my little guy has one of his own. I wanted to test drive it since I specifically bought it for our Hawaii trip. Mrs. Dancer has a pool so we headed to her place to play. She’s got a great heated saline pool which is absolutely one of the best pools ever. Saline is so much nicer than chlorine. Other than the floaty being super hard to blow up, thanks Mrs. Dancer for doing that, the floaty was awesome!




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Jess said...

Well I am always up for a little core work :) Little Cricket was an absolute trooper in the pool and a good time. Looking forward to our next pool gathering. xo

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