Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mom Meetup: My Little Cricket’s New Girlfriend

This new role as a mother, and a stay at home mother I am still trying to figure out. One thing I know is that without a network of other mothers I might just go insane. I found meetup.com when researching ways to connect with other new moms. One of my favorites so far is the First Time Moms of Santa Monica. All moms, all moms for the first time, and all moms just trying to figure everything out like me. With these women I can talk about poop consistency and the intricate patterns of my child’s sleep or not sleeping and not feel like I am boring the other person to death. One of the new moms, Mrs. Candy, has a little girl only 10 days older than My Little Cricket. Since our children are so close in age we tend to be going through the same thing, or where one is going the other soon follows close behind.


We have become close buddies texting at all random hours of the night, because let’s face it we are both up every few hours anyways, and getting together for picnics. Picnics are my new thing, it’s cheap, the babies can hang out for some tummy time and explore, we can easily feed them and not worry that they are disturbing others nearby.


Oh yeah and gushhhhhhh! Look at Baby Candy's beautiful blue blue eyes!

Its hard meeting people through the group where your only draw to come together is that you are both new moms. However I am happy to say that although everyone I have meet might not exactly end up as a close friend I have managed to find a few gems.


I particularly like the husbands comments when they saw these.

Mr. Rogue: “Isnt she a little old for him?”

Ummmm I don’t think that 10 days is too old… LOL.

My Friends Husband: “Is he trying to kiss her?”

Ummmmm I think that they are both a little young yet. Men!


Jess said...

Hahahaha, men indeed. So happy that you have someone to share all the crazy quirkiness of being a new mom with. And she is an adorable baby girl and her mom did give us peanut butter delight balls. Which makes her one of my fav people :) Even if I have to not make them for a while because I can't seem to STOP eating them once I make them! Missing your face! xoxo

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so happy that you are a go get em kind of daughter, you have tackled everything life has thrown at you and are doing a marvelous job at being a mom.

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