Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mom Meetup: Annenburg Beach House

One of the moms I have really clicked with, Mrs. Bear, is like me. She is a coordinator, wrangle the group together, Cruise Director go getter and I just LOVE HER. Today she got together a bunch of moms from several different groups that she has tried as well as a few that she just randomly met at the park.

She had us all meet at Annenberg Community Beach House, a place I have never been before. I know this city as a single girl going out to clubs and eating greasy food until all hours of the night. I know this city as a married gal, wine tasting locations, fancy sit down gourmet meals and where to go to try every type of cheese you can imagine. But now I am learning my city in a whole new way, as a mom, and there are so many mom places I am loving. This place is one of them. With a large pool area, a community center and a splash pad it is perfect for kids.






My Little Cricket isn’t exactly ready to be jumping into a crowded pool or romping in the splash pad but I am gathering up all these ideas for fun future visits. For now I met my group of moms, 11 moms in total, all first time moms, all with kids under the age of one. It was a bit of a larger group than normal and totally fun. We sat in a large circle and just laid our blankets out in the center.



There was another mom with a little girl about My Little Crickets age. He still isn’t super interested in other kids yet. I know it is coming soon and I cannot wait until he wants to play with someone other than me or my husband. For now we just hang out, ask questions, listen to other moms adventures and trials and absorb absorb absorb.


And nap, we shall not forget the naps.


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paul peggy zeus said...

love that photo of him with his hands behind his head. He looks so comfy.

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