Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mom Group: Mama’s, Babies & Art

One of the moms in my new mom group is a true Type A personality like me. She takes command, she plans things, and then she rustles up others to join her in fun things to do. I LOVE IT. Today we met for our regular picnic at the park, just in case some new moms show up. In hindsight since we didn’t get a new mom today we should have just ate at the museums. Ah well it is always nice to get some picnic time and some play time where the babies can move around without bugging anyone.



After we ate we headed off to the Sergamot Station. I used to haunt this area quite often when I first moved to LALA land. It is a large warehouse area that is sectioned off for a bunch of individual galleries. Back 9 years ago there would be large art parties here once a month. I would go with my friends, or sometimes alone. I would drink free wine, look at art and try to find likeminded interesting art people. Hey I was poor, it was free, I got to see up and coming artists and if I picked up a cool new friend to chill out with it would be a bonus. Usually after the galleries all closed down for the night there would be a party, or a concert, or a bonfire at the beach and I almost always just tagged along to whatever sounded the most fun. Those were the days of being carefree and limitless. Nights were my days, I only ever saw the dawn if I was coming home very late from some event and I hardly ever woke up before 11am (at the earliest!).




Once I met and started dating Mr. Rogue seriously I stopped going. The Sergamot had a time and a place. So here I am returning today, 9 years later, a baby strolling, lulu lemon wearing mama in the glaring light of early afternoon. It was a totally different experience, it felt like a totally different lifetime. I thought I would be a little sad, mourning that single selfish free spirit but instead I was just feeling incredibly blessed and happy for the path I have taken and the place I was in right then. It’s so fantastic for me to reflect where I was and see how far I have come to accomplishing all my dreams. I am so blessed to be able to do that with so very little true regrets.






Even though I have been here hundreds of times it was so fun rediscovering this space. Of course the art is ever changing and the gallery owners here do a great job of filling their space with interesting things. But there is also just a great creative vibe to even the outdoor space. This is a place to come and be inspired, a great place for a little kid to have some room to explore, and for me to indulge in some fun art. A few of the photographers caught my eye but one photographer in particular I just LOVED. Miguel Millo is a Mexican photographer that paints his models and arranges them as portraits with vegetation. His work was beautifully textured and perfectly captured. Being an artist and a photographer I really appreciated the vivaciousness of his pieces!





My other favorite piece was a comic book paper art design that I could totally see hanging in a child’s room as a cool trendy twist on just hanging up still photos of cartoon characters. The artist took comic book slices and arranged them in a swirling rippling 2-D withering mass. I just loved the textures and the colors. I may just have to take on a project inspired by this someday!


We all had a great lazy afternoon. So much fun girls!


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