Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leaving My Baby

So I am leaving my baby and I feel SO TORN. Mr. Rogue needs to get an endoscopy test, a test he was supposed to get a few months ago but got rescheduled due to is spine problem. Anyways he needed the test and he needed me to take him. A hospital is the last place you want to take a little baby so I asked Mrs. Dancer if she would mind coming over for a few hours and take care of my Little Cricket.

I was a nervous wreck. I left a page of emergency contact information. Directions to the nearest ER. I pumped double the amount of breast milk that would be needed. I tried to do everything I could think of to make sure everything went smoothly. Mrs. Dancer sent me almost constant text updates and photos. It helped so much just to see that everything was going fine.


Mr. Rogue and I went to the same location that we went for his hand surgery. He was getting a simple procedure done today and it went very quickly. Thankfully no red flags were raised and everything looked ok. Success!

We made it home in a few hours and Mrs. Dancer had done an excellent job. Gotta love her.


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