Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty, Art and Everything Fabulous

No matter what your profession or area of expertise you cannot help but have that effect the way you see the world. My grandfather was a newspaper man; he was critical of page spacing and scanned the paper every day for errors. My mother was in insurance and she couldn’t help but look at the conditions of stairs and buildings with an eye to what hazards it could represent. I am an artist, I worked in advertising, I am a photographer so I cannot help but fall in love over and over again with a perfect puffy cloud, I literally see the world as a continuous perfect photograph. I love interior design so I cannot help but critique a room or a building for its aesthetic feel. I am an artist and I love all things creative when I find something I love it inspires me and fills me with a rush of euphoric feeling.

I find things all the time that make me happy but sometimes someone goes above and beyond. There are two things I fell in love with this week. One is an advertisement for self-checking for breast cancer. I know, I know a public health announcement. Awesome right. SERIOUSLY this is the perfect way to advertise. It is snarky, it is funny, it captures the target audiences attention, most of all it is clever. I know how to do a self-examination, but now I can do it with a smile of laughter on my face thinking about this video.

The other thing that I found this week is a photographer, Ben Heine, with some mad drawing skills who decided to do a collaboration of his two passions. The results are beautiful pieces of art. His creativity and genius are apparent but I also love how fun they are with a focus on his wickedly clever imagination. A great photo with the addition of some kick butt drawings. I am in complete rapture over them!






paul peggy zeus said...

I'll never think of self breast examination in the same way again. EVER! lol

Jess said...

Heheh, love when people get creative and sassy with it. Adore the drawing photo composites too!

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