Thursday, August 22, 2013

Babies and Bruises

This afternoon I went over to visit Mrs. Bulldog and her ten day old little baby. My Little Cricket is only three and a half months old but he is already so big and heavy compared to this new Baby Bulldog. I already miss this sweet newborn baby stage!


I brought some snacks for a little lunch and we just gossiped away with most of the talk revolving around me picking Mrs. Bulldogs brain. This is her second child and there is nothing like a bit of experience to help figure things out.

We didn’t get to visit for too long, the time actually flew by, but I had to get on the road back home and she had to pick up her other son. I cannot even imagine trying to balance two babies at once but already I am trying to plan when we can start trying for our second.



I really wish Ms. Bulldog lived closer, but at a little over an hour away I don’t get to see her too often. Driving home I guzzled a whole bottle of water. By the time I got near my house my gerbil sized bladder was about to explode. But I couldn’t just pull over at McDonalds. The act of waking my Little Cricket is not only a bad idea (it was time for his next feeding) but also a royal pain in the butt. Getting him out of the carseat, into his carrier just seemed like too much an effort.

Just when I pulled into our neighborhood he woke up and started screaming to be fed. So I pull into my driveway. I don’t want to leave him in the car alone screaming, but I really have to go! I debated with myself and then thought I had an extra minute in me (I think) to get him at least in the house. But I admit I was rushing and a little careless. So I grab baby and diaper bag and leap out of the car only to lose my balance. I tip forward but then I throw myself back figuring it was better to hit by back on the car than fall onto the baby. Except the diaper bag and the baby threw a little too much momentum in me backwards and I really HIT the car hard. The worst part is that I put my hand not holding the baby behind me to steady me… except that hand got a finger slammed in the car door.

My knees buckled in pain, I saw lights and I seriously almost fainted for the first time ever in my life. But the most horrible part I couldn’t get my finger out. Finally I reached over with the baby holding hand and opened the car door to a throbbing pulsating with pain finger. Mind you I still have a very full bladder, a screaming baby and now I am fighting a nauseous wave of pain.

I had to get inside the house and triage this situation. So I dash for the door opening wide the garage door into my house… only to have the door whip back at me suddenly and smack me RIGHT IN THE FACE!

First off thank god it didn’t hit my Little Cricket but still UNIVERSE… seriously. Seems like Mr. Rogue left some boxes in the hallway that I forgot about and the door had hit the boxes and ricocheted back at my poor unsuspecting face. Ignoring the throbbing pain in my forehead I go into the living room, gently lay down my angry little boy in the pack and play. I grabbed a bowl, threw in a handful of ice and a little water and suspended my finger in it and then I dashed for the restroom.

Feeding the baby with one hand was interesting but I managed. And then I had a moment to reflect on cause and effect… oh and whether or not my finger nail is going to fall off. And the day had started out so promising.


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Jess said...

Mama said there'd be days like this....Glad the two of you made it through the day even if a little worse for wear! xo

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