Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When You Are an Expert

I struggled for a while trying to make the decision if I was going to get professional photos of my Little Cricket taken. I had a pretty big pros and cons list. It mostly boiled down to the fact that I do take pretty good photos, I have all the equipment I need and did I really need to spent the money to get slightly better photos. So I resisted, and I agonized and I changed my mind a million times. But that is what I do; I struggle in the deciding. Finally in the end I made up my mind. I decided that if I could find someone that I loved I would get professional photos taken. The deciding factor is that he would only be this little once. That I potentially could regret getting the photos and it wouldn’t matter because I would have them. But later I could regret not getting them and there would be nothing I could do to go back.

I got the finals from the photographer two weeks ago. Let me tell you almost three months later I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY that I got them done. Because you know what I found someone that I loved, someone who took better photos than me, and now I will have these beautiful treasured photos of my Little Cricket, just ten days old, forever. Here are some of my favorites.






I mentioned to the photographer while I was there that I love birds and take bird photographs and she created a cute little nest and egg photo that I just loved.


It’s the one that I ended up deciding to use in the save the date cards that I finally got in the mail last week. Sure they went out a bit later than I wanted too but at least I got them out. I had quite a few templates picked out in my shopping cart on Shutterfly but then I ran across one:

“In our hearts he was already ours – we simply had to bring him home”

It made my heart constrict and it is the design we ended up choosing.



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paul peggy zeus said...

I received the birth announcement and it was so YOU! I Loved the bird nest effect she created, and , of course, you made the right decision.

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