Friday, July 12, 2013

Time to Dust Off Those Heels

As always Ms. Ivy’s last full day in LALA land was epic. First we started out with breakfast at John O’Groats a fantastic little privately owned place with super yummy biscuits and out of this world food. Sure it is hard to mess up eggs and pancakes but John really transcends breakfast to another level. Plus breakfast offered the perfect opportunity for My Little Cricket to rock his new hat I got him yesterday… I know enough with the hats but I am in LOVE!



There were so many good things on the menu we all had a hard time deciding. Ms. Ivy and I split a Gruyere Cheese and Mushroom Omelet. Between the five of us we all got to taste a little of everything. Yumm Yummmmm Yummmmmmm!




After brunch we headed home and just hung out in the backyard for a while trying to relax before our big evening out. Ms. Ivy gave me a gift for my Little Cricket. She went all out on the wrapping paper and bag, all bedecked out with owls. And it was the awesomest thing ever. But then I opened the card, and it was a popout… with OWLS and it was so amazing. And it was the awesomest thing ever. But then I actually got to the gift, and oh my GOSH… it was an owl puppet. And it was pretty much the AWESOMEST THING EVER!!!!! She knows me so well.




“Many felicitations on the birth of baby Cricket! He’s the perfect little owlet to complete your nest. – Much Love, Cricket’s ‘Aunt’ Ivy”


And then it was time to get ready. I think this was the first time I actually showered, blow dried my hair, put on makeup AND a dress since the baby was born. Oh yeah and I decided to rock out a pair of colorful heels that went perfectly with my new dress.


We went to Mrs. Dancer and my favorite sushi place and ordered so much food. I wasn’t allowed to have sushi while pregnant, and I may have gone just a little bit overboard. But oh my what a super yummy treat. I think I might have missed sushi more than red wine. Maybe!




Afterwards we took our super cool butts over a few blocks to the Culver Hotel for some swankiness and some fancy drinks. I ordered the Chocolate Martini and then a Peach Belini-tini. We just sat around and talked while listening to the fun DJ and sipping our drinks. It was a little transport back in time and I got to let loose for a little while. It was exactly what I needed. Love you girls!








Jennifer Arens said...

Looks like a good night!

paul peggy zeus said...

You three gals are all about food whenever you get together. The owl puppet is phenomenal Ms Ivy!!

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