Friday, July 19, 2013

The Week in Moments: Two Months Old - 9 Weeks


Oh my Little Cricket you are such a beautiful fabulous joy. And this photo captures your personality perfectly. You are such a happy baby. Happy and smiling, when you aren’t smiling you are deep in thought trying to figure it out. And then you are back to smiling. I adore you so much!

Your second month was just as easy, just as hard and just as easy as the first. I know, that sentence doesn’t really make sense but you see it has been easy, until something slams up in my face that’s really really unexpectedly hard, and then the throbbing pain of getting hit eventually subsides, I get it and its easy again. Then again if you made me sit down and think about it, in actually it was maybe even harder because we no longer had out of town guests coming in and helping. Helping with the cooking, and the cleaning and the moments to watch you when I needed some time for myself and the diaper changes and bottles in between those spaces. I cried when my mother in law left, literally sat down in the middle of my entryway and cried big huge tears. But then in the next moment I was remembering that she left a freezer full of food and then I was overjoyed.

If this past paragraph says anything it says that I am always at opposites. It has been a roller coaster of ying and yang emotions.



I have a confession to make, most of the time I walk around pretending that I am a superhero. No I don’t walk around thinking that I can fly, or wishing that I walked around in a flashy pair of underwear saving people. It’s more a level of thinking that I can do anything. You need someone to land the burning plane… I can do it. You need someone to deliver a baby… yup I can do that. You need someone to run a project, answer a question, take care of your pet elephant. I can do all those things, or at least I will try, or figure it out as I go. I know it might sound corny but I found that thinking positively, saying that I can do something instead of worrying about possibly not being able too, creates a level of confidence that allows me to succeed.

Since having a baby I have felt more like Clark Kent than Superman than I have in a long while.

Speaking of superheros and all things awesome I found the coolest mustache stickers EVER. And I tried to resist getting them, I really did, but well I wanted to buy them and stick them on my Little Cricket. I wasn’t sure how he was going to tolerate it… but other than a disgruntled initial look when I stuck it on he was his normal sweet happy self.




And then in a completely unrelated place I found mustache socks and thought… why not. Hats and socks are all I got to go all out cool on.


But back to the point. Because I am sure there is one in here somewhere. (I am so tired.) Your dad was at work, our family had gone back home. So it was just you and me. Me and you. And I could feel the cloud of letting every single minute, every single hour, every single day ooze into the next. The act of taking care of a baby isn’t too hard for an hour or two. Even a day or two. Or a week. However the monotony, the consistency of those diaper changes and feedings, nap times and interrupted plans for everything day after day, week after week is what wears on me. And no one likes a worn out superhero. At least I don’t.



Therefore in order to mix it up we went out. Even though I didn’t know what to expect, and going out with you so young was hard, I still forced us to go out. Going out made me shower, it made me get dressed, and get you dressed. Sure I messed up, we had some issues and I forgot some things in the diaper bag a few times. But I plan on going with you a ton, and there is no time like the present to get into a routine. So we stumbled and slid and we struggled through our days.

Two months down we are finally finding our footing, finally finding our rhythm in this beautiful (but sometimes difficult) dance of love. Good thing it’s a slow dance.



Side note, as if this post wasn’t as convoluted as possible already. I have a wicked case of Momnesia. As in I cannot remember anything. Funny story. I was writing thank you cards for some gifts family and friends sent. In particular I was writing out the addresses on the cards, so I could actually write the thank you message later. The way I normally do it, production style. SOOOOO I wrote out the address, I put on the stamps and then I stuffed the envelopes and sealed them. The only problem is that all the cards were still blank. I hadn’t written anything on them yet. Thankfully I only did eight before I realized what I was doing. Lesson learned, I am so tired I obviously can’t walk and chew gum right now.

And more photos from our week.









This week is the first time that you have seemed to notice more than our faces. You have found the magic of toys. I was sitting next to you reading a book and I had you in the bouncer. You started kicking your legs like crazy and were fascinated with the little animals that you have up to this point ignored. I watched you for a good 15 minutes encouraging you to play and giggling at your glee until I realized that I should probably take a video.

Looks like it is time to start getting some toys for you.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Oh my goodness! Loved the video, he sure learned that if he kicked his feet, the toys moved!! The hat in the first photo is perfect! and look how he's holding up his head! Amazing how fast babies grow and what a sweet journey it is!

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