Friday, August 9, 2013

The Week in Moments: 12 Week Old

I am loving taking you out and about. You are now at a point where you are smiling at EVERYONE. Since I shop during the day the women at the grocery store cannot get enough of you. It may take me twice as long to shop, and I might have to go to the ice cream isle last but we are making so many new friends.






Your sleep schedule has improved. Technically most nights you are sleeping through the night. Now before you get all excited sleeping through the night according to the baby books means sleeping 6 hours. I call bullshit. Now don’t get me wrong sleeping 6 hours is certainly better than sleeping the two you were giving me in the beginning. I am not complaining with 6 hours. In fact I am super excited. However I am holding my breath because the day I get 8 hours of solid sleep I am going to be the happiest girl in the world. THAT 8 hours will be sleeping through the night in my book.




Your new cologne, and mine too for that matter, is Eau de Curdled Milk. Seriously everything I own, you and me all smell a little milky. Sure I end up changing my clothes multiple times a day, I take a shower every night, and you get a bath every night but the smell is persistent. I am just resigned now to embracing our new fragrance.





Every night we have a ritual when we put you to bed at night. It might officially be my favorite part of the day. You get a bath, we get some play time with daddy, you eat and then I put you down for the night. We don’t have a set time for this just yet. You are after all only 12 weeks, much too young in my opinion for a schedule. I am just taking my cues from you. You sleep when you want, you eat when you want, I am a totally go with the flow kind of mama.



We are having long conversations about nothing. They are mostly one sided, I just babble away with you all day. Most of the time it’s just me talking, but I love it when you answer me. Sometimes we have full on discussions with me being silly and you responding in your little baby way. This last conversation apparently you wanted to go to on a trip.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Oh my word, he is really talking up a storm! Great video ~ I love how he is striving for form sounds with his mouth and looks so intent doing so.

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