Friday, August 2, 2013

The Week in Moments: 11 Weeks Old

You are so awesomely awesome. I cannot tell if you are actually awesome or if the hormones in my brain are tricking me into thinking you are the best thing in the ENTIRE world. But you see it doesn’t matter because in my world you are the best and that is all that matters.




Yesterday you laughed for the first time. Sure you have been smiling away like a madman at everyone and everything but to hear you laugh my little heart flipped over and died. Right there in that moment everything made complete sense… I am suspecting the hormones again. But really we were driving to the airport, my parents were in the front seat and I was in the back with you. I was making funny faces and you started chuckling into a big full out belly laugh. I will make faces every day for the rest of my life if you will just keep laughing. People should bottle this feeling and sell it!




You also started putting your hands together and twiddling your fingers when you are tired. You see, I am paying attention, and it is fabulous that you are communicating in ways other than crying. Now I see the hand twirling I know its naptime. You sleep pretty well clocking in a good 4-6 hours a night. It still isn’t enough sleep for me but I getting more and more is good. Do you know that the baby books definition of sleeping through the night was 6 hours. I had to read it three times before realizing that it wasn’t my exhausted brain playing tricks on me. I am sorry 6 hours isn’t enough, not nearly enough, and for a book to say that is sleeping through the night is complete crap. 12 hours!!!!! Now that is something to celebrate. I will make a deal with you, the first time you sleep 10 hours straight mama will give you ANYTHING YOU WANT. You want a pony, I will get you a damn pony!



My mom would chant ‘I Love You’ and she swears that you were saying it back to her. I agree that every time she did it you would chant a three syllable response. Of course I didn’t get it on video, photos I am good at taking but I need to get better at taking videos. In fact this week you were chatting up a storm. Both my parents sure learned so much asking you all those questions. I cannot wait until you can really talk, for now the baby talk is delicious!


Your hair fell out, then is growing back again. That is it is growing back except for in the back, in the back you are a little bald. I was assured not to worry, that it will all grow in perfectly fine. But do you know what I am in love with. I am in love with your little curly cue cowlick. Well in love with the cowlick, taking photos of you and so much more!






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paul peggy zeus said...

He did say I love you back, I just know it! What an adorable, well mannered little guy you've got there. I want to hold him all day long!

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